Decorating around brown

December 31, 2009

While we were in California this week, we bought a brown leather chair, our first piece of furniture for our rental house.

I don’t usually build a color scheme around one item, and especially not one that I hadn’t planned to buy. Or a neutral, like brown.

But we couldn’t resist; it was such a comfortable chair, and so incredibly cheap ($250, new–overstock–at an amazing consignment store). In fact, we said we’d buy another if they got it.

Last time I furnished, I used vibrant jewel tones. And I expected to do something similar. Bright, vibrant colors.

So here I am with 1) a brown leather chair and 2) a color blind husband who can only see reds, oranges and yellows.

I love brown and aqua, but that seems too peaceful. More like a bedroom color scheme. Red, orange and yellow? Too much.

We’re looking for a sectional. I’ve always wanted one, and that seems to be the best solution for our family room.

So I’m thinking. Some shade of moss or dark green for the sectional. And accents like burgundy.

We’re done buying tchotchkes. It’s a rental house, and we won’t paint. So the color scheme will be anchored by furniture and pillows. The rest of our stuff is just going to have to blend in.

Any ideas for us?

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