What to do with the deep sorrow of grief

May 8, 2020

deep-sorrowThe deep sorrow of loss and grief can be almost unbearable.

So when a friend whose beloved son died some weeks ago said that the Guided Journal through Grief at A Healing Spirit  is playing a major role in her healing , I was glad to hear it.

I, too, know the pain of grief.

deep sorrowOf course, we never heal from deep loss, not completely. But once the shock wears off, we’re left with only questions.  “Will we remember them?” ” Will they fade from our memory?” “Did they know how much I loved them?”

deep-sorrowThe grief journal isn’t blank. Each page has a prompt or an activity meant to help us express our deepest feelings about our loved one and their passing. And to record things that we want to remember.

It makes a beautiful keepsake and one that can be passed on to younger family members who may not remember –or have even known them.


Stuffing those thoughts and feelings only make things worse. It’s important to get them out in a safe place. Like this.

The Guided Journal through Grief is part of a larger condolence gift, but it can also be purchased (and sent) by itself. If you’d like to look at it, or any A Healing Spirit products to support those who are grieving, see them all right here.

6 comments on “What to do with the deep sorrow of grief
  1. Yes, I still have the spiral notebook full of thoughts when my sister was killed in a car accident in 1992. I had stated that I would write a book but never did.

  2. Ellen Burgan says:

    Wonderful way to process feelings!

  3. Rachael stray says:

    I think this is such a good idea.grief often sneaks up on people.

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