Delicious diet lattes

July 26, 2009

Visits to Starbucks have become rituals for so many of us. If you think about it, paying almost $4 for a beverage is probably pretty stupid, especially in a down economy.

But we each have our favorite hot beverages, sucked down on the run or sipped onsite while sitting with friends at one of the round oak tables.

I miss my mocha or chai lattes. They’re verboten for the rest of the year because of carb count and sugar load. But here are some low-carb, low-calorie substitutes I’m enjoying almost as much.

Faux Chai Latte.

Brew some chai tea. I like Bombay Chai by Mighty Leaf and brew for about four minutes. Pour in Splenda to taste, and top with either a slug of cream or half and half. Presto! A chai latte.

Ok, it’s kind of thin. But it hits the spot.

Faux Hot Chocolate.

Pour 8 oz. of hot water onto 1.5 teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa powder and a heap of Splenda. Top with half and half or cream.

And there you have it. Good enough to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Everything, after all, is relative.

2 comments on “Delicious diet lattes
  1. Diana Strinati Baur says:

    how about brewing chai with soymilk instead of water and then hitting it with the foamer?

  2. Can’t have milk for two months, can have cream. ;-0)

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