February 24, 2009

Well, we’ve really made a mess of things this time, haven’t we?

A little too much hubris about the great American way of life, maybe. A little too much corporate greed. A lot of over-reaching on the part of people who couldn’t afford the reach. And some floundering in that Egyptian river, denial.

Denial seems to be the new American tradition. We see it everywhere. Politics. Banking. Corporate America. Small business. Among friends and family. I see it at my job all the time. I’ve done it myself.

It’s way past time to stop the madness. We have no choice now but to face facts, no matter how ugly. And find a way to rebuild.

As for me, this morning, there is no denying the cuteness factor of the little dog that just put his paws on my shoulder and stretched…then gave me a doggie kiss.

So in the face of all the bad news and the consequences of our national denial, there’s nothing to do but focus on the important things in life. A doggie kiss. A baby’s laugh. Children playing. A great book. Escapist movies. Good friends. And love.

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