It’s not so much him.

April 5, 2017

deplorablesA boatload of vitriol is being heaped on that awful man who sits in the Oval right now. And yes, he deserves it.

He’s rude. He’s crude. He’s mean. He’s opportunistic. He’s self-centered.

All of those things are undeniable. And sickening. We know he’s lower than pond scum.

But I can’t waste my time posting insulting comments or memes on social media.  Because he’s really just a representative in the truest sense.  He represents the very worst this nation has to offer.

We have focused our ire on him, but really, there are millions of Americans just like him–and even worse–out there. The folks he represents. And while his presence in the Oval is infuriating, the idea that he says out loud what so many Americans have thought as they lurked the background–that is disappointing. And frightening.

Those of us with kinder and gentler attitudes toward others made the mistake of thinking that the majority of our country was like us. If they had been, he certainly wouldn’t be in office. No, there are a whole lot of Americans out there who are fearful and full of hate. Who are suffering and want to lash out.

The rest of us are suffering, too. And we’re lashing out, too, with insults and nasty words.  But they serve no purpose except catharsis.

I can’t waste an iota of energy spinning my wheels with nasty words and I don’t like to read them on social media. They don’t do anything but get us all riled up and distract us from the hard work that will be necessary to rid the country of him and his ilk.

Instead, we have to work hard with calls, letters, emails, postcards and pressure–not that insult him, but that keep his agenda from becoming law.

I also can’t waste an iota of energy on Bernie Sanders. I didn’t like him, I think he is partly responsible for the election results and I think he should just go away. Or shut up and do something useful. But like everyone else in the Beltway, he liked his 15 minutes of fame and wants to extend it.

Hillary misspoke when she said “basket of deplorables” out loud, and everyone raised their eyebrows in shock,  but in fact, that IS what they are. And he is the chief deplorable.

Ironic, isn’t it?

I’m starting to consume a little bit of news now, as I look toward the midterm elections and the positive steps that have to be taken to be sure we regain a majority.  It’s not possible for me to keep up the stress of a the-sky-is-falling attitude 24/7.

Don’t get me wrong: I do think the sky is falling.

But it won’t fall before midterms and that has to be our focus now.

24 comments on “It’s not so much him.
  1. robin masshole mommy says:

    I am trying to just live in my bubble over here and try to get through the next 4 years with as little damage as possible. I am scared.

  2. PatU says:

    I have to say, comments made using “regrettable” vocabulary about him, bother me. I understand the emotion behind them, but the name calling brings one down to the deplorable level.

  3. Amber Myers says:

    There are some gross people in office, that’s for sure. But I do like Bernie Sanders!

  4. Shari Broder says:

    While I believe Combover Caligula is just as despicable as you do, and I think he’s setting the worst possible example, especially for our young people, he’s had every privilege and still behaves like the arrogant, narcissistic prick that he is. I have more compassion for people who are so ignorant that they voted for him, not realizing what they were getting. Or whose circumstances are so bad that they didn’t realize they were making things worse by voting for him. Yes, there are hateful people out there who are enabled by Pres. Gropenfuhrer, but I would like to believe they aren’t most of the folks who supported him.

    • hillsmom says:

      Well said. Unfortunately “Hair Furor” is in the process of destroying our country and quite possibly the planet as fast as he can. Robert Reich had a short presentation on four or possibly five ways the orange one has committed impeachable offenses. I’ll see if I can find the link.
      See what you think.

      • hillsmom says:

        So the link didn’t show, or maybe Carol will post it…or not. It was posted 03/08/2017. He’s dug himself even deep in less than a month.

      • hillsmom says:

        So the link didn’t show, or maybe Carol will post it…or not. It was posted 03/08/2017. He’s dug himself even deeper in less than a month.

  5. Jessica says:

    I try not to get into political discussions anywhere because someone is always too stubborn or gets hurt. I do think the nation as a whole is in trouble due to the people in general, however. It seems many have no optimism, open mindedness, or integrity throughout this whole change. I moved out of the country a couple of years ago (to Canada) and it affects us deeply here as well. It’s sad to watch the terrible stories that make their way into the news and I can only imagine the ones who don’t make it to the public.

  6. I may or may not agree on some points in this post, but its over and done. I will try my best to move on with my life and as long as I follow the law, I will be fine. Just my two cents.

  7. I know everyone has their own anxiety over the current situation. I am fearful too, but I am doing my best to stay vigilant and give the man a chance too.

  8. I am 100% with you. I have no respect for anyone who is supporting that man’s vile, bigoted, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, narcissistic agenda. They are all deplorable, and I wish they could have their own country.

  9. It still boggles me how he managed to become president but what can we do but watch the chaos unfold. Sadly like you said he represents millions of people out there who are just like him!

  10. Carolann says:

    I have a policy of never ever talking politics on my social media either. I’m not taking the easy way out I just don’t want to offend anyone. but – with that said, I will say great post Carol lol

  11. MUD By Shaun says:

    There are a lot of things we do not like that are going on around the world. Some of us (yes, even me some times) try to live in a bubble, but could it become more harmful by tolerating it? Just a thought.

  12. Elizabeth O. says:

    It’s alarming to say the least. We’ve overcome so many changes in the past but this is just too tough to swallow. I can’t imagine going another year with this person in charge. I think it’s really important that we keep moving and fighting.

  13. I am truly afraid that our country is broken. I guess I find myself in the middle of everything, not really trustworthy of either side and their agendas. I feel like seeing both sides and how they respond to all of this, that we are far worse that I could possible imagine. We have a country firmly divided in two. And both sides seem unwilling to give an inch. The only thing left is to start fighting and I am fearful of that result.

  14. Turn off the telly I reckon. It’s not stopping anytime soon, so remove yourself from his sphere of influence.

  15. I am hoping the situation will get better in the years to come, for your country and ours.

  16. You make a very good point! he is far more a representative than a cause. I prefer life in my own bubble!

  17. blair villanueva says:

    My bubble zone is very elite and exclusive, and i prefer to keep it that way 🙂

  18. stacey says:

    I used to feel sorry for people who do not understand how much that man will affect their lives in a negative way –yet. He does not care for poor people, listening to him talk about Syria and the fact he has CHANGED his mind about Assad, (what did he think when he gassed his people before) learned health insurance policy was hard and making ridiculous pronouncements on the guilt of Rice and Obama and the innocence of O-Reilly have me shaking my head too much already, I feel dizzy.

  19. lex says:

    sensitive but from the few comments here,its clear to say its the least alot can take and will all hope its a clear coast soonest..

  20. Jennifer L says:

    I completely agree! As much as we focus on that man, we also lose sight on what he represents and who he represents. I’m hoping the midterm elections really become a wakeup call.

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