Are we destroying ourselves?

June 9, 2014


Have you ever looked around and wondered, “Are we destroying ourselves?”

We decided to have lunch at Half Moon Bay the other day, a beautiful beach community on the northern California coast. Sam’s Chowder House is famous (and I do mean FAMOUS) for its lobster rolls. It did not disappoint.

HMB blue waterThe day was partly cloudy but the sky was blue enough that the water looked like this. We feasted our eyes on the stunning coast setting

purple bushesThere’s something about the lush plants and flowers that grow along the coast. They’re left to their wild selves and seem so unspoiled.

beach rose 1Beach roses waved in the breeze–more of a light wind that a breeze, really.  We strolled along for a while breathing in the clean sea air and enjoying the artistry of nature.

Half Moon oceanSail boats rocked in the wind, their anchors holding them fast in the cove.  It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Let’s take a closer look:Warning contam

What a distressing sight. Contaminated? We humans have destroyed this beautiful water so much that we can’t even enjoy it..

Still, a mom was letting her two children swim. We weren’t sure if she couldn’t read or just didn’t think it applied to her.  It seemed more like the latter.

The sign was sobering.  And not too far away, this:
Danger waves

I wondered if Nature was fighting back.  Because there’s always someone stupid enough to ignore this sign and get swept off the rocks. Every year.  And just a few feet away:

Tsunami hazardI wondered if we should be rooting for Mother Nature. It’s not that we want a natural disaster to strike, but maybe it’s the only way Mother Earth can make herself known.

cig butttAn unnatural disaster.  Man-made. If destroying our environment isn’t bad enough, some of us are still destroying ourselves.

Do you ever get the feeling that we’re on a path of self-destruction? That we’re not taking care of our world, of Mother Earth, of ourselves? And that one day, the piper will need to be paid?

What are we to make of all of this?

22 comments on “Are we destroying ourselves?
  1. kim tackett says:

    It’s always amazed me how we can trick ourselves into believing our actions don’t matter. Everything matters. I heard an interview the other day with a politician who didn’t believe in climate change (or at least that it was man made). He said “why would we risk our commerce and economy just to protect the earth?” Sigh.

  2. Karen says:

    I don’t wonder this–I know it every day, and I find it overwhelming. It took the Earth millions of years to evolve, and it’s taken humans only two centuries to trash it. We’re talented that way.

  3. I think many more of us are concious of this than those that are oblivious. Thank goodness.

  4. Lucia P. says:

    I agree with Doreen. Half Moon Bay is so lovely, that is tragic that the water is not safe for swimming. I wonder how long it has been in that condition? I have not been there in a good 5 years.

  5. Hi Carol! I believe that it is critical that we all do as much as we can to “walk gently on the planet”. That’s why my DH and I have taken so many steps to simplify our lives and live what I call a “right-sized” life. On the other hand, I also an optimist and believe that if we all pull together we can make it through anything. Time will tell. ~Kathy

  6. Lisa Froman says:

    Yes, we need to take better care of Mother Nature. And what Kathy said above. LOL.

  7. Jackie says:

    I think there will always be something to destroy, that’s not to say that we shouldn’t get fired up about not doing any further damage to our planet or to ourselves. Still, I’ll bet this planet will survive humanity.

    As sad as it is to say, I’m fairly certain that we will find a way to annihilate the whole human race with man-made weapon and a fair bit of stupidity before Mother Nature does it for us.

  8. If you look at people’s eating and movement habits, we can say a majority are on the path to self destruction.

  9. Where I grew up (rural area) had its own problems, but I did notice that people who live closer to the land tend to take better care of it. As they say, you don’t s*** where you eat.

  10. Lynne says:

    Definitely food for thought. And I agree with Doreen, too. The majority of us take care of our corner of the world. But, as in all cases, there is always one or two who mess it up for the rest of us.

  11. Yes. The human race is destroying itself and other creatures as well. I always marvel at people who have no clue that we are causing catastrophic damage to our planet, and I do what I can to help the creatures who are endangered by human stupidity and selfishness. We can all do our part, and who knows? A miracle?

  12. What’s infuriating is that “we” weren’t always this obtuse. Our cities used to have more air pollution (smog days) and there were rivers in the industrial northeast and midwest that actually caught on fire occasionally. The air is cleaner and at least where I live, Philadelphia,and the local waters are in much better shape than they were. This didn’t used to be a partisan issue.

  13. We are creating a place that will become unlivable in just a matter of time.

  14. Ruth Curran says:

    The battle with Mother Nature does disturb me. We seem to be better at destroying — not regenerating. Maybe you are right. What would happen if we let her win? Yeah, sobering but….

  15. I know what you mean Carol. What are we thinking?

    I recall a conversation with an older friend last winter about global warming. I don’t remember why but she said “well we all know it is just natural trend.” I came so unglued I was a little embarrassed.

    But you have to think really? I remember saying something to the effect, “I really don’t care who is causing global warming!!! I just everyone to quit crapping up our planet.” The poor woman about jumped out of her skin.


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