Did Jesus really say "turn or burn?"

November 18, 2012
I saw this the other day in San Francisco.
I thought it was worth thinking about.

Friends who are not Christians, bear with me.

So, the idea of trusting Jesus and needing Jesus–yeah, I can buy into that.
Jesus was very wise, had a lot of good advice
and we could do worse than to hear him out
and follow his road.
Whether we believe he is the Son of God, or not.
Read the Holy Bible? An interesting read, if you can get through the arcane language.
Might be easier on audio. I’ve never cover-to-covered it.
Prepare to meet thy God. Ah. Well, look. I think we should all prepare to meet God,
and we should look forward to it without fear.
That’s a goal, anyway; not so sure we can all achieve that no-fear thing.
I’m a work in progress as far as that’s concerned.
But then: Turn or Burn  and Jesus saves from Hell.  {Love the way the hell is painted in flames.}
I do not believe for one minute that any of us burn in hell. Just do not.
The fact that these threats appear on the truck along with Prepare to Meet Thy God
makes the latter statement also more of a threat than a promise.

I just don’t believe in a punishing and judging God.
I believe in the God of infinite love depicted HERE.

Christianity (to me) should be full of hope, promise and joy.
It should be more carrot than stick.

If we have to threaten people into embracing God,
then I think we’re on the wrong track.

For sure.

One comment on “Did Jesus really say "turn or burn?"
  1. I do believe in Hell. I do believe people are going there. I also believe we get ourselves there. I argree that ours is loving God. I appreciate your thoughts. Also, I agree that Jesus did not say “Turn or Burn”.

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