Different drum

July 22, 2009

I always liked this. Mostly because I never felt that I marched in step with most others. And I still don’t. The difference today is that at this stage of life, we all appreciate those differences more than we did when we were young.

In our youth, it’s important to be homogeneous. To belong to a group of like-minded others.

That never was me.

I always picked my friends from different groups. Like a Chinese menu: one from Column A, one from Column B.

That’s still true. But now, I tend to bring them together. In girlie parties. At lunches. I notice that none of my friends do this, but I like to do it. It’s fun to see the interaction and the sparks of conversations that ignite. In good ways.

Tomorrow night, we’re taking a few of my friends to dinner for my birthday. They really don’t know one another. But hey, so what! It’ll be fun to see how discussions develop.

I’ve also pretty much done what I wanted in my life. It isn’t the life others would have chosen, perhaps, but I’ve lived the life I wanted, mostly, and lived it my way. And now, with Michael, I completely live the life I wanted. And I am happy to share it.

When two middle-aged people come together after living lives apart, there is always an adjustment, as the thermostat finds its proper temperature. But when you’re both pretty much aligned anyway, maybe even by birth and culture, well, it’s a lot easier.

Thoreau was right. There’s nothing to do but to go confidently toward your dreams, and live the life you want. Even if it’s not necessarily in step with the majority.

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