Diva’s 20 holiday gifts for $10 or less

November 22, 2011

It takes creative, clever shopping to stay within budget, especially $10 or less. I absolutely love stores like TJMaxx, Marshalls, Home Goods and Old Navy. Bath and Body Works is a treasure trove of inexpensive gifts, as well. Choose carefully at Sephora –usually their house brands–and you might be surprised at what you can find for $10 or less. Pier One has an eclectic offering for just about anyone, at great prices. So let’s break it down a bit.

The best bargains in the world can often be found in housewares at TJMaxx: pots and pans, beautiful ceramic dishes and bowls, vases, picture frames–you name it. Same with the other, similar stores.

This adorable dog mug was $3.99. A two-cup set is a perfect gift for a dog lover
and costs under $10.We couldn’t resist and bought a pair to use for our morning coffee during the holiday season. Which we define as starting NOW. As you can see.

And how adorable to find another tiny dog peeking out from the bottom as we take our last swigs. Way too cute!

Sometimes, you just can’t resist something really different and a little crazy. Here’s a unique offering from Sephora: blinged-up bandages to cover wounds, scars or even tattoos for fancy dress outings. Perfect for the klutz in your life, and only $6. New Year’s Eve is coming fast–if you’ve got a boo-boo, bling it up to match your outfit.

L’Occitane is a higher-end brand but their hand creams pack a big punch in a tiny package. A little goes a long way, and they’re perfect for winter. Several different scents, and the one I love best: no scent. A small, purse-sized tube of rich, emollient hand cream is only $10. They offer cute little gift packages that include lip balm for $20 or $25, depending on promotion. It’s a luxurious gift any woman would love. {I’m a big fan of the face cream, too, but it’s fairly pricey.}

Even less expensive: Burt’s Bees, also good products. Lip balm and hand lotion both for under $10. Most drugstores carry them.

How about these modern, colorful cheese knives?
Regular price for the set: $25 but I found them for $7.50 at TJMaxx last month. A very cute hostess gift at a fantastic low price, so I didn’t wait: I bought them for myself, and so would you if you saw them.

These two cutting boards together are $9.95 online (below).
But you can find really cute small ones like this for even less at TJMaxx or Marshall’s. I treated myself to two of these. They’re perfectly sized for a little holiday cheese tray on the coffee table

Bath and Body Works has a wonderful travel set for $10 (below). It’s nicely packaged; just pick your fragrance.

Below, B&BW 4 oz. scented candles are 2 for $10, and in a variety of fragrances. I actually have quite a few of them, bought on sale a few months back.In fact, walk through any Bath and Body Works and find a plethora of great gift items either on sale or reasonably priced. Their products are beautifully packaged and even a small selection of purse-sized scented hand sanitizers would make a thoughtful gift for the sanitizer neurotic on your gift list. (Like me.)

How about some other ideas?

  • Do-it-yourself feather hair extensions are $5.00 at some drugstores. You might be surprised at what you can find in your local drugstore.
  • Kids’ books at one of the discount stores like TJMaxx: under $5. Baby gifts easily found there for under $7. I like!
  • A brag book of photos for $5.99 at drugstores, perfect for aunts, uncles, grandparents.

And here’s a great gag gift I found at Pier 1: Golf pens for $5
Men would love this practical black stackable wine rack. Only $9.99

Glass Christmas earrings for only $5.
These are so pretty:

Assorted mosaic mirrors: $4
And then, this:
Only $8 for this cute beaded and embellished embroidered coin purse.

Check out Old Navy for the man in your life: great prices on so many things. I found knit hats or scarves for $10.
How about a shirt?
Sueded jersey tshirts (and long sleeved pocket tees) for $10.
Tshirts and short-sleeved Henleys on sale for $10.

As you can see, it’s entirely possible to shop on a budget these days. There’s nothing on this list that I wouldn’t enjoy getting and so would the people on your list.

Got any tips for cost effective shopping? Join the conversation and share them in the Comments section.

Have you seen yesterday’s post on Top 10 Christmas shopping tips?
And still to come: gifts that cost nothing at all.

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