Do I really need a headlamp for Morocco?

March 13, 2012

When you’re someone like me, who likes to be prepared for any eventuality, and you’re given a 44 lb. luggage weight limit total, including carry-on, well, evaluating what to bring and what to leave home is not a pretty picture. I mean, it’s not like traveling to Italy, or London, or any of the places I’m familiar with. No. It’s quite different.

I check obsessively. Several times a day. It’s 82 degrees in Marrakech but only 70 in Fes. It’ll get down to the 30s in the Sahara and we’re sleeping one night in a tent without electricity.

  • Do I need sunscreen? mittens? or both?
  • Shoulders must be covered and socks worn in mosques. Check.
  • It’s the rainy season, but it’s also the desert. WTF?
  • And what on earth do you wear to ride a camel?

“Bring your meds in their original containers,” we’ve been instructed. How much do pill bottles weigh? Wouldn’t it be smarter to put pills in tiny plastic bags that weigh less? Would they arrest me at Customs if I don’t have my meds in their original containers?

Should I type out a few useful Arabic phrases? or bring the entire phrasebook?

When we go to the desert we’re told to bring only a small bag. Really small. What goes in it? Who carries my bag when I’m on the camel?

One website advises packing a headlamp? Really? Will we be mining coal in Marrakesh???

These are the questions with which I am consumed this week.

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