Dog day afternoon in early May

May 3, 2013
Riley & Little He beat the heat together on patio

Riley & Little He beat the heat together on patio

Unseasonably hot weather for April/May means 80s and low 90s here in San Jose, time to beat the heat. When “the boys” go out on the patio, they usually become sun bunnies. Today, they wanted shade. But, they wanted it together, the two of them.

Little He is 15 years old, now, and has slowed down considerably. The only thing ailing him is lower back pain, the discomfort making him less spry than he used to be– so he has a lot in common with everyone else who’s aging.

When Michael and I got back together, he brought two other dogs into the pack. They’ve both passed on now. Given Little He’s age, we didn’t think he’d be the last of the original crew standing. But his innate sweetness obviously gave him an in with the Divine.  I wasn’t sure how Riley would respond to new dogs in his space, but with Little He, at least, well, let’s just say, he’s so nice that Riley’s accepted him as family. He is, in fact, the nicest dog in the world, and I mean that. Rescued by my husband and his late wife when he was just 4-6 weeks old, he’s been a much loved family member during his entire life.  He’s never bitten, snapped or acted out in the last, which is more than I can say for his little brother.

He and Riley are inseparable, at times,  as you can see. Little He will cram himself into Riley’s small bed and Riley wants to share Little He’s outdoor lounge. I think Riley’s come to enjoy having a pet of his own, which is how he thinks of Little He, I’m certain.

Dogs add so much to our lives: unconditional love, nonstop entertainment and, of course, worry.  I also believe they connect us in important ways with the Divine.

We enjoy each day with our dogs to the fullest, and especially our older one, because every day is a true gift.

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