Dog lovers know what I’m talkin’ about

May 23, 2012

Let’s put this dog allergy thing in perspective. Seriously.

6 comments on “Dog lovers know what I’m talkin’ about
  1. I can see giving away a bee hive due to a neighbor’s allergies (that’s life threatening, but not for allergies from a dog–isn’t there medicine for that?). –Spoken from a dog-lover’s perspective though…

  2. Kristin, I know what you mean. I’ve known people who have done it, though, and you’re right, usually not dog lovers. It’s an excuse, usually. But not always.

  3. Annmarie Pipa says:

    haha a dog is part of the family.

  4. RandyF says:

    Just lost my westie of 15 years. She was exceptional. During a “bad time” the cartoon hit the spot for laughter

  5. Randy, am so sorry. What a great pair you were. i hope you’ll one day open your heart to another dog–you were meant to have them. xoxo

  6. Annamarie, that’s true!

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