Dog’s view of a visit to the vet: by Riley

December 12, 2012
Looks like I’m smiling, but I’m actually hyperventilating.

What would a dog write about his trip to the vet? Riley wrote today’s blog post:

I’m at the vet for my annual check-up.  I like Dr. Chrissy, but I don’t like all the smells here. Bad ju ju. I couldn’t stop shaking at first. I just kept staring at the door, wondering what was going to happen to me.

Is that a baby scale?

The tech just weighed me in the baby scale. Last year, I got to stand on the big-dog scale. And I weigh a pound more on the baby scale. Don’t. like. it.  I hope Dr. Chrissy doesn’t make Mommy reduce my kibble intake like she did last year. I love green beans, but the crunch of my kibble is so satisfying! I love when my crunching keeps Mommy up at night so she can give me more attention.

What’s that?

Dr. Chrissy is coming. Oh, God, what fresh hell awaits me?

Mommy told Dr. Chrissy that I don’t eat baby food.

 I told Mommy she could NOT take pictures of me getting my exam and my shot. Of course, she was busy holding me. After that, Dr. Chrissy gave me some baby food as a treat. YUMMY! But then….

Woe is me!

… after that, a terrible thing happened.

This was hardly a spa manicure.

Two tough women came in, pinned me down and cut my nails. I think they should have given me more baby food afterwards, but they didn’t.

But then we went straight home and Mommy let me sit with her while she worked. That was good. I made sure she didn’t get much done.

Thank Dog we only do this once a year!

5 comments on “Dog’s view of a visit to the vet: by Riley
  1. Anonymous says:

    What fresh hell awaits me? hysterical. very accurate portrayal!

  2. What a charming funny piece. You should write more of these. I was mesmerized. Would make a great children’s tutorial too about “Going to the Vet”.

  3. Haralee says:

    Adorable. Glad you all came out of it and healthy!

  4. LOL, yes, and today was the groomer, something Riley hates just as much!

  5. Laura.ModernHousewife says:

    I’m sure there was more fresh hell than just a nail clipping. Poor Riley. Glad he survived all of the poking and prodding.

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