Doing unto others

September 8, 2014

The Golden Rule–doing unto others as you would have them do to you– is a major tenet of Christianity.

It is quoted all the time.

But how often is it practiced?

Look around.

Doing unto others seems to be…ignored….these days.

And yet:


Well, now, look at this. Judaism holds the same belief.


The creed is a natural for Hindus.


Oh my goodness. Islam, too?


Gosh, also native Americans.


Do you think Sikhs are copycats?


Is there an echo in here?


I’m not sure Buddha was into doctrines, but if he were, this would be the one.

This is such a small sect–we learned about it in India–and yet…there it is. They’ve got it, too.


Hmm. Again.

Looking at the teachings of these religious traditions, then looking around at the world today, I have to ask:

“So…what’s the problem?”



47 comments on “Doing unto others
  1. Nora says:

    There is a bulletin board I pass often that says, “Have you lost your faith in God?” My almost automatic response is NO, but I have in religion. I think a big problem is the hypocrisy that happens within religion. So many say that ,”only my belief is the only right one,” God created ALL of us!

  2. Ines Roe says:

    These words to live by from the major beliefs illustrate that we are all fundamentally striving for the same thing. Looking at our world today it is so sad that we aren’t all able to live by these words.

  3. There are more Christians who live by the Scripture than those who don’t. You just don’t realize it because the others get all the attention and have loud voices. Social media and 24/7 news feed on the hate. But, many more do as I strive each day to do and love others as Jesus loves them. And Yes…God did create us all and loves all of us! Please make sure we acknowledge those Christians living their faith the way God intended.

    • Yes, it’s not that I’m targeting Christians–it’s just that if every major religion in the world has these tenets, then why is there so much killing in the name of religion? among all religions.

  4. The problem is religion.

  5. This is such a simple, straightforward way to live and one thing my parents told us all the time. I love that every tradition has the same basic tenet! Thanks!! xo

  6. kim tackett says:

    It takes time to consider others…another point of view, another person’s feelings. If we take a moment, we can do it. It just takes time and intention, and trust. Hard enough in personal relationships, and nearly impossible in global ones. Yet, we can all try a little harder…

  7. Lana says:

    Further proof that we are all looking toward the same higher being. The problem, I think, is religion – which is man’s interpretation of that higher being. Also, so many claim to “follow” a certain religion, but they pick and choose what they follow. There is so much hate in the name of religion.

  8. I love that you drew these parallels between all faiths. If only we could let everyone read, know and believe in all of them, then the world would be a more peaceful place to coexist.

    Great job, Carol.

  9. Haralee says:

    Beautiful Carol. Our religious and spiritual teachings are there for all to embrace!

  10. Organized religion – breaking people into groups to believe in different Gods – is at the heart of most of our wars and problems today. You’re right – we should all just live by the golden rule. What people do “in the name of God” is sinful.

  11. Ellen Dolgen says:

    If we all just lived by the Golden Rule there would be peace on earth!

  12. I just don’t think there will never be a satisfying explanation for the way evil people manipulate such tenets other than to know the truer, twisted motive is really to control others.

  13. Ruth Curran says:

    I love this message so much. Understanding that we all, at our core, should be operating from the same place is the real path to tolerance and acceptance. Why is that so hard? Beautifully stated!

  14. I guess it’s because of a mistaken interpretation of religious teachings. I’ve never understood why anyone would think any Deity would instruct them to harm another. If everyone, regardless of religious belief or not, were to treat everyone with love and respect the world really would be a fabulous place to live. As Ghandi, I believe it was, said ‘be the change you want to see’. I always treat everyone in as loving way as possible, and I generally get the same back…perhaps that is how the world really is, we just see a distorted view if we judge what’s happening in the rest of the world by what the media chooses to show us.

  15. donna says:

    I agree with the many that say “religion” is a HUGE part of the issue of non-love and the embracing of violence.
    We humans organize things to death-quite literally at times-and because of our ignorant “box of religion”, we scrutinize those that believe differently and THEN judge them and THEN despise them and THEN hurt them…either by word or deed :0(.
    I also think that:
    When an individual person makes the choice to live a certain way, they tend to find others of the same mindset, both good and bad.
    I go to a church that preaches/teaches AND exemplifies the truth behind “Love the Lord your God with all your heat soul, and mind…and love your neighbor as you love yourself”. So in choosing this, I am encouraged by like minded people to live out the gospel teachings of Christ and love.
    I fail…sometimes miserably at times.
    But for the most part I am encouraged to see my error, confess, repent, and live in the shadow of His forgiveness…and hopefully love more the next time.
    Over the years, the churches impact on the world has been overwhelmingly positive!
    But, like Pam said…it is the negative the media splashes across the news WAY more than any positive! Not just towards Christians, but all faiths.
    Sadly, it is often what the general masses *want* to see/hear :(.
    That being said…extreme, judgmental, superior thinking, fundamentalists of ANY religious group will find one another and group together to forward their cause. These “causes” nearly always include violence. The white supremacists, the jihadists, the Westboro Baptists, the ….list goes on.
    I believe evil is in the world and will be here until the return of Jesus {< insert my Christian faith here}, BUT I believe on an individual scale we must adhere to the truth that LOVE needs to motivate us on an individual level thereby possibly extending that love to another human individual that just might NOT turn to extremist beliefs in order to feel the sense of belonging and community we all so desperately desire.
    Your thoughts were very beautiful today. Love and community are basic, primal needs…ALL religions have this basic truth. What we need to do is move on from religion and into a relationship with the God that loves us so.
    Lots to think about here…HUGE response! Feel free to edit me at will :)!

  16. Diane says:

    Simply, elegantly, beautifully put!

  17. Wonderful sentiment. I find the world baffling, when all religions teach respect, yet so many of them judge each other. I wish everyone could just live with a kind heart and more would be accomplished. The state of the world saddens me and scares me.

  18. Myke Todd says:

    Being nice to people just comes easily for me. Really, it takes a lot of scheming and planning to be hateful to a total stranger, and karma has a way a taking a person to task, who is in need of focus.

  19. I found a poster that had essentially the same info (but maybe more examples?) when I taught Sunday School at a UU Church I attended. Will we ever learn?

  20. Donna says:

    I love that you found all of these, we really are much more alike than not. As you know I believe all of our faiths came from one place. I see commonalities everywhere, so this was more proof to me. As for being able to treat others as you would like to be treated? I work on it every day, it plays in my head and actually helps me to not be a butt head when I would like to be a butt head, it helps me allow people to go ahead of me in lines, it guides serving….and giving. I have been the recipient of so much love and service in my life that if I turned into Mother Theresa right now I could never catch up. So I try in little ways….it is just as easy to be nice as it is to be unpleasant. But for some reason it takes more effort to be nice. Go figure. Love you Carol!!

  21. joan says:

    So glad you posted this! I’ve seen similar before and just wish everyone knew about it…. I wish it were posted on bulletin boards!! So much similarity! Yet so many conflicts based on religious conflicts…. ugh

  22. You’ve brought this out so beautifully, Carol – all religions are indeed quite similar. The problem is that we take the bits of religion that feed our insecurities and practice them making them more important the Law of Life itself!

  23. Mary says:

    If we all just lived by what we truly say we believe in we would live in a beautiful world. Sadly, I think that is also the problem, there are many people that “say” the right thing, but live by hate.

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