Why you should consider downsizing

June 14, 2019

downsizeDownsizing has been on my mind a lot lately and that’s probably because I’m past midlife and have accumulated way too much stuff.

Wayyy too much stuff.  So when Pivotal Home Solutions sent me this infograpic on how best to downsize, it resonated.

Having watched friends do this, it’s clear there is a right way and, well, a less right way to downsize, and the image below pretty much sums up their experiences. Especially the “get everyone on the same page” point.

At this age, cutting life clutter would be a major benefit. Less time and energy maintaining is always a good thing.  And who doesn’t like to save money?

The benefits of downsizing are many, and you can see the key points below. And you probably have a few tips and tricks of your own, not to mention stories of downsizing done well (and gone wrong!)—which I’d love you to share in the Comments.

Oh, and BTW, be sure to get a home warranty. I can’t believe people don’t do this–it’s saved us thousands of dollars in recent years. Literally. Water heater, refrigerator, plumbing and HVAC. And it’s saved me maybe $15,000 over my adult life.   It’s top of mind for me as I write this today because we just called our home warranty company to come look at our AC, which is acting up.

This is a sponsored post by a home warranty company so click the link at the bottom of the infographic to learn more.

Provided by Pivotal Home Solutions

3 comments on “Why you should consider downsizing
  1. Mark says:

    Also it is important to work with qualified service professionals with good reviews online, especially before buying a new home.

  2. Yelena says:

    I like that you mentioned a home warranty. It’s definitely something that people don’t think about. Another investment is doing routine HVAC maintenance, which prolongs the life of the system.

  3. George P says:

    Downsizing is a good idea, especially if really wanted to save more bucks and to lower your yearly expenses from maintaining your home. There are lots of advantages of doing it, but make sure not to forget to always maintain your house plumbing system. And you will definitely save more for the whole year, and for the coming years.

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