Downsizing, rightsizing: a rose by any other name

August 30, 2010

We found a house. And now, decision time. Do you remember these?

Sometimes, I wish the process of deciding could be as easy as simply using whatever these are called. What WERE they called, anyway?

The house is gorgeous. In move-in condition, completely redone. Everything. The yard is to die for. The location–Cambrian, but abutting Los Gatos–is very good.

The price? Shockingly good. By California standards. Everyone else would freak out at it.

Here’s the problem:

The house is significantly smaller than the one we live in now. There is minimal closet space and minimal kitchen counter and cabinet space. Minimal is no exaggeration.

Since January, we’ve been living in a behemoth of a rental house.

We have five bedrooms and three full bathrooms. Riley has his own room. And there’s so much space that we never hear one another from one side of the house to the other. But it’s not nearly as nice a house as the one we’re looking at.

We’ve done a lot of talking about downsizing. M. moved here with 4 boxes and got rid of everything else he owned.

However, my clothes still fill a huge walk-in closet and the guest BR closet. AND three wardrobes in the garage. AND the coat closet in the foyer. Uh huh.

I know that downsizing is the right thing to do at this stage of our lives. But it’s hard.

The kitchen situation is fixable, as there’s room to add a counter and cabinets, both needed.

The closet situation means I have to get rid of things. I get it, I do. But it’s hard.

So hard that M. offered this solution: When our tenant moves out of our Pacific Grove place, we could move our winter clothes there.

That’s right. Our Monterey peninsula place –85 miles away–would be our closet.

THAT’S when I knew that I had to edit my closet.

Whether we get this house or not.

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