The facts about Dr. Seuss

September 14, 2021

Dr.-seussA few months back Faux News was all over the place with the story that a handful of Dr. Seuss titles will no longer be published because they foster damaging stereotypes.

Oh no! Getting rid of our favorite children’s books? Benign characters! The horror of censorship! Yeah, more “support” for Faux News’ horrific agenda.

Well, hold on a minute. We do not need another generation growing up with harmful images of minorities. Just do not need that. No.

Nothing was forced upon them: Dr. Seuss Enterprises made the decision themselves. It involves only a few titles of many in the Seuss library. Six, to be exact.

And I support this decision 100 percent.

Yes, let the door hit eeney-meeney in the ass on the way out

I was raised just as the terrible version of “Eeney-meeney-miney-mo” was going out the door. I’m glad it did.

And yet, the other month someone I knew well had the nerve to refer to Michelle Obama as a monkey. I mean. Still? Today? Yes. Still, today. And in my presence? Oh, they are brazen. You can guess their political stripe.

I was raised when Brazil nuts were called a vulgar slur. It was just taken for granted. Part of the vernacular. I cringe when I think about how easily the term slid off tongues.

I’m glad these things are no longer part of our vernacular

because they are insidious parts of institutional racism. They did harm because they helped make people immune to the horror of racism. For many of us today, it’s hard believe they were once considered “harmless.

But–not everyone thinks this stuff is shocking. Because racism hasn’t gone anywhere.

THESE things, that seem relatively unimportant to some,  are the things that have rooted institutional racism. Or maybe it’s the other way around, I don’t know. I just know that institutional racism is real and we have to eradicate it.

And if the Dr. Seuss organization wants to be proactive? More power to them.

This so-called controversy was just another Fox News talking point meant to foment fear and loathing.


10 comments on “The facts about Dr. Seuss
  1. James Felts, grandson of Thomas Ambrose Cassara says:

    One wonders if you say Dutch treat? Or Dutch uncle or Dutch oven.

    • Dutch oven has an interesting history: Comes from the 17th century Netherlands (as you might expect e) Back then, the most valued cookware was being made of expensive materials such as copper and brass. … it was believed that there was a market for less expensive cookware..etc. Oh I also say Italian Cheese, Italian sausage and more. 😉

  2. Diane says:

    Oh, so true, Carol! I remember the shock I got when I first realized so many of the labels I’d grown up with were, in fact, racial slurs. (A favourite licorice treat comes to mind.) As a child, I just didn’t think about it. And that’s a true tragedy. I’m so glad children now are being raised with their eyes open. (My own were a large part of my catching up with the modern, more sensitive world!)

  3. I remember the name for Brazil nuts and it was awful. I really hate Faux News. They have no bottom.

  4. What I’ve thought all along but never so well expressed. Once again, thank you, Carol.

  5. It’s all just white noise.

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