Dreaming implies sleep

October 21, 2009

I’d love to dream. Because that would imply I was actually asleep.

I’ve been waking up at about the four-hours -down mark, 2 a.m.

Tossing. Turning.

It’s cool, so not the weather.

Last night, M. was also up so we “chatted.”

Riley was definitely NOT up.

Today I had to get up early, too, for a meeting at our party venue. Caterer, decor consultant and my planner all met over there this morning for a big confab.

I was a little…foggy. And now? I have to teach. Which should wake me up. A bit.

And if I’m sleepless again tonight, maybe I should try to duplicate the makeup and attire in this visual.

It might be a good use of those night hours.

Because we have a costume party to attend Halloween night and I haven’t come up with any better ideas.

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