Elizabeth Edwards, RIP

December 8, 2010

Like many others, I thought she had more time. That the announcement of her stopping treatment was a foreshadowing of something that could happen soon, but not within a day or two.

In the midst of my shock, what strikes me is this:

Elizabeth was not an easy person. I get it. Lots of us are like that.

But her husband had the benefit of her sage political counsel, as well as her commitment to building what had to have been an intrusive public life together.

He betrayed her in the worst of ways, even as she fought for her life.

Her husband is a poor example of a human being. He deserved his humiliation and downfall.

Elizabeth did not.

What a very sad way to leave the world.

I am certain she was a beloved mother to her children and friend to many. That she will live on in their hearts.

As for us, well, her life is an object lesson. And I’m still trying to decide what that means. After all, what exactly did she do? She loved. She trusted. She believed.

She did the best she could.

She was, as she said in her final message, human.

Rest, Mrs. Edwards. I hope you have found peace at last.

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