What’s your most embarrassing moment?

April 23, 2018

embarrassingWe’re all human. We’ve all made those horrible faux pas, like dragging toilet tissue across a crowded restaurant with your shoe.

Today, I’m wondering what your most embarrassing moment is. And if you don’t want to cop to one, tell us an embarrassing thing you’ve seen. But not political. Because we all know those.

27 comments on “What’s your most embarrassing moment?
  1. Diane says:

    Most embarrassing? Talking for an hour and a half with an old friend and my Husby, neither of whom told me I had a leaf for lettuce COVERING one of my front teeth.

  2. My most embarrassing moment was probably when I was made to sing in my school as a punishment for not finishing up my homework. For the record, I am an awful singer.

  3. Akamatra says:

    Only one? I practically have one once a day! One of them was when I stood from my chair in a room full of men colleagues and the pad I had in my pocket to use if need be, stayed on the chair. Yeah, beat that…

  4. Hannah swancott says:

    Eeek! Well I’ve had a few! But my later was just last week…came out of the toilet with my dress tucked into my knickers! Walked through the restaurant for my mom to tell me when I got back to the table…HA!

  5. Laurie Stone says:

    How about falling off a stage in high school and landing (fanny first) in a metal wastebasket? Oh, and this was in front of a huge audience. (I’ll leave it at that).

  6. Komal says:

    I have too many to share and can’t ponpont one at the moment

  7. Beth Havey says:

    Being angry at a friend because I thought he was leaving his marijuana on my back porch before he got on a plane, saying he had to get rid of his POT. It was a ceramic vase, a wedding gift for me. I was stunned and felt awful.

  8. Geraline Batarra says:

    My most embarrassing moment is when my husband and I are eating in our favorite restaurant and when I try to drink water I spilled out the water from my husband face.

  9. Alison Rost says:

    I’ve had plenty of those but the most recent one would be talking to a saleslady about a specific product that they’re selling, not realizing that I went in the wrong store. They were giving me weird looks as I insisted they were selling it the other day. Lol.

  10. I can’t really think of a super embarrassing moment, probably something to do with falling over at the wrong moment as I did that a lot as a kid x

  11. Iya - Louisa says:

    Where do I start! I do embarrassing stuff on a daily basis! Recently I went on a walk and everyone climbed a fence for a short cut.. I just couldn’t do it.. I kept trying and eventually fell over the fence!

  12. zina says:

    hahaha too many! But one that I remmber now, is during my first day on job, I used the men bathroom instead of the ladies, because there was no sign at all!!!! xaxaxaxaxa

  13. Autumn Murray says:

    To my humiliation, I have had too many embarrassing moments in my life to keep up with! LOL!

  14. London Mumma says:

    My daughter and I were in the supermarket the other day and shouted how this lady had a moustache, so embarrassing.

  15. Not sure if I am ready to share one but I have seen plenty. I’ve seen a few people come out of bathrooms with paper stuck on their shoe but I normally let them know 😉

  16. Ana De-Jesus says:

    Aha ok I have many embarrassing moments but here is one of them. I was so desperate for the loo on my way home from school that I surveyed a nearby field which appeared to be empty and yes- you guessed it went for a lovely casual wee in the field. Imagine my delight the next day on the bus when one of my classmates told me he saw me ‘pissing in the field’ LOL. I straight out lied and said that I wasn’t I had ‘just lost something in the field’ haha. One of many embarrassing moments.

  17. My most memorable and embarrassing moment was when I was in 4th grade I went to sit in my chair at my desk and I miss judged the distance between my bum and the chair seat… So instead of my bum landing on the seat it was my back as I was falling to the floor… Then if that wasn’t bad enough with all the kids laughing at me, I then started to laugh and a really unexspected loud noise escaped my bum and all the kids gasped in disgust and then started laughing again. That moment followed me until I moved to the other end of the country….Fun times…lol!????

  18. Jennifer Prince says:

    Ha! When I was 12 a camp had made a homemade water slide in the side of a hill down to a pond. I was one of the first to go down. I got a cut in my bottom and needed 10 stitches. They nicknamed the slide “the can opener” after that. NO JOKE!

  19. Blair Villanueva says:

    Sometimes these embarrassing moments are avenues for us to discover who we are, and learn some lessons. And after a while, these embarrassing moments will be our own laughing moments. 😀

  20. My most embarrassing moment was when I was running to class in high school and tripped and fell in front of everyone. Haha! At the moment they are painful, but as we grow older embarrassing moments make for great stories.

  21. Sigrid says:

    hahahaha hmmm…I have made a lot of faux pas, but it’s mostly with what I said. I have seen somebody getting so angry about something in a public place and when she turned around to storm off, she tripped. hehe

  22. W says:

    I was a boy around 12 out of clean underwear. I thought about just going without any, but my mom’s solution was to have me wear a pair of my sister’s panties for the day. I had never thought about it before, but for a few moments imagined girl’s panties must look similar to my own underwear.

    I couldn’t believe it when my mom handed them to me. They looked and felt nothing like my underwear. Instead of plain white cotton briefs, it was a pair of light blue stretchy nylon panties that I later learned were hi-cut panties. After a short argument, I put them on. The panties came up higher on my waist almost my belly button, but fit me perfectly. I was surprised at how good they felt, but was still embarrassed to be wearing panties and hated it.

    I quickly put my clothes on to cover them and was very embarrassed and worried all day someone at school would somehow find out or see I had panties on. I took extra care when bending over and hoped my pants wouldn’t decide to rip open that day. Everyone would laugh at me for sure. Nothing happened and no one said anything.

    The panties were very comfortable and towards the end of the day I relaxed more and started actually liking what I wearing.

    The girl behind me in class at the end of the day smiled at me, but didn’t say anything. My pants had slid we down a little bit in the back, but my shirt was covering everything.

    I couldn’t get over how much I liked wearing those panties and how comfortable they were. I wore them the rest of the day, including sleeping in them.

    The next day, I had clean underwear again, but I didn’t want to wear them. I wanted to wear panties again, but was embarrassed to ask, so I sneaked into my sister’s room and found her panty drawer. I found a only one pair of those stretchy nylon panties that was almost exactly like the pair I had worn the day before, except they weren’t light blue, they were pink.

    I quickly put them on and put on my other clothes. I loved wearing those panties and was walking on a cloud that day at school. After school was out, the girl behind me smiled again. Somehow we were the last two getting out of class.

    She came up to me and whispered that she liked pink too, but the blue ones looked better on me and tugged on the waistband of the panties. I turned red. She then asked me why I was wearing panties. I felt myself turning more red and it felt hard to breathe. I didn’t know what to say. The day before I had the excuse of no clean underwear and had to wear those panties, but today I had no excuse. I had clean underwear and had chosen to wear my sister’s panties instead.

    I finally eeked out that the panties were comfortable, and I liked wearing them and she giggled. She then joked girl’s socks and pantyhose are nice as well if I wanted to try those out. She left, and I quickly left. I put the panties in my sister’s hamper when I got home.

    I found a pair of new girl’s nylon socks in my desk a few days later. The girl that sat behind me just behind me smiled. She was right, though. Those socks felt very good.

    My classmate never told anyone that I know about. Maybe she saw it as our special secret or saw me as a rebel of sorts for wearing what I liked, but getting caught by a girl in my class wearing my sister’s panties was the most embarrassing moment of my life.

    I still shudder what to think could have happened if she hadn’t been so cool about it.

  23. Ric says:

    My most embarrassing moment was when I was giving a friend a blow job, and mom walked in!

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