Embracing the potential for happiness

October 22, 2009

You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you might find
You get what you need.

The Universe provides what we need. Eventually. Always.

It may turn out to be one big cosmic coincidence, I don’t know. But it sure seems that the Universe provides.

Why do women sell ourselves short for “love”? I know two beautiful young women with plenty going for them. 20-something. Gorgeous. Bright. Fun. Funny. Interesting. Employed.

Both remain emotionally attached to men who offer them very little. Who give them mixed messages. Drama. Who aren’t there for them.

After the breakup, there’s the pining. The unwillingness to really move on and embrace something new. Like real happiness.

I didn’t get to this age without having this experience myself. It’s not like I don’t get it.

We women can get a bit self-destructive around the love thing. We tend to sell ourselves and what we have to offer short. We don’t see the potential for happiness that lies waiting.

And while we’ve all done it, it’s hard to watch.

The Rolling Stones were right, though. When the Universe is not giving you what you want, chances are it’s giving you what you need.

It’s smart to pay attention. Because happiness could be just around the corner.

One comment on “Embracing the potential for happiness
  1. Alan says:

    I agree. Many women are self-destructive around the love thing. We men are so damn healthy!

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