How to use energy healing to go

July 1, 2019

When I prepared for recent major surgery, energy healing played a big role. As I always say, if someone had told me that would be the case even a few years ago I would have looked at them blankly.

But the fact is that many energy healing techniques have been used for thousands of years and even traditional medicine is recognizing that they can be helpful. In fact, more and more big hospitals are offering various energy healing options as add-ons to patients in-hospital.

I recently shared some of what worked for me when I had my big surgery. It had a good outcome and I had no pain. In addition, I am a hypnotherapist and I used some of those techniques as well. But for weeks ahead of surgery, I employed energy healing techniques that I believe set the scene for a good experience.

I want more people to have access to these helpful techniques, so I put together a little energy healing to go” kit –with instructions–that allow beginners to try it and experienced practitioners to carry it on the go. And as with everything at A Healing Spirit, it’s affordable. Here’s more info about what i did and how you can do it, too.

2 comments on “How to use energy healing to go
  1. I didn’t yet know about the energy healing technique but it seems effective, I would definitely check out your version and see hows thing goes Thanks for sharing yah!

  2. Medit says:

    Thank you! I’ve never heard of energy healing before.

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