Enough about me, let’s talk about ME!

February 14, 2011
What makes for good conversation and company?
It’s mutuality, I think.

Give and take dialogue that no one dominates.
That is shared.

An ex and I used to spend time with a very self-centered couple.
Neither of the pair had the least bit
of curiosity or interest in anyone or anything but themselves.

It was exhausting to be in their company.

And we all know people who can skillfully turn any part
of a conversation
back to themselves.
It gets old, fast.

Mutuality and sharing,
when ideas and conversation flow back and forth easily?
A beautiful thing.

I always wonder why people are not curious about others.
Why they are into telling their stories and only their stories.
Why they ask no questions at all.
And therefore are insular. Very.

Maybe it’s because I’m so curious myself, and known as a
bit of an ace interrogator.

Do you think it’s insecurity?

I suppose I thought it would be harder to be
in this world if you didn’t look outward fairly often.

Apparently, it’s not.

One comment on “Enough about me, let’s talk about ME!
  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Diva! Thank you for giving us all the good stuff we need to help us through life.

    Big kiss!


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