Enough gratitude. More than enough.

December 7, 2015

enough-gratitudeGratitude is everywhere.  EVERY-where.

Challenges. Blog posts. TED talks.

Well, the Divine’s been talking and I’ve been listening. Here’s what it’s saying:

Enough gratitude already! I get it. I know you’re grateful.

I heard you the first time.

Most of you clearly appreciate the blessings that are part of this life you’ve agreed to.

But I’m weary of hearing about your gratitude.  Over and over and over.

The world doesn’t need more gratitude.

The world needs action.

And it needs it now.

Things are pretty messed up down there, don’t think I haven’t noticed.  Some of you have made a crazy mess of things and it’s going to take a big effort to unravel them.

Gratitude’s not going to do it.

So enough gratitude, already.

DO something.

47 comments on “Enough gratitude. More than enough.
  1. Lisa says:

    I could not possibly agree more! I love this post. If I see the #blessed or #thankful hashtags one more time on Instagram, I am going to lose it! Why not spend a little more energy on those less blessed?

  2. Oh what a breath of fresh air! Thought it was just me getting sick on the very word gratitude. Action for those less blessed, as mentioned above, is definitely what is needed. It can be done quietly by donating to food banks ALL year – not just at Christmas – or more overtly by getting stuck in helping out in whatever way we all can on whatever level. Even small actions are better than grateful people doing nothing other than being grateful.

  3. HI Carol! Love this picture and this message, too! Gratitude and gratefulness are key, for sure, but then what?? There are so many in our path who need a smile, attention, or even some of our own resources that we can share with them. Thanks for this reminder! Best to you!

  4. wow – very powerful and very thought provoking – and very true Carol! It’s really good to be grateful – but not if it means we sit on our bottoms wallowing in how lucky we are!

  5. CARLA says:

    It is a start.
    It is not enough.

  6. Haralee says:

    Well that made me laugh this morning. I didn’t expect it! Yes, enough talk now action, I agree.

  7. Carolann says:

    True, I think gratitude brings awareness which is good but yes, do something for sure! After all, actions speak louder than words! Right on!

    • I really do believe we have had sufficient awareness–and in my opinion, gratitude is something inward. Personal. Quiet. Between us and the Divine. After a while, all the gratitude posts get…well, repetitive. I care less about what each person is grateful for and more about what they are doing to make our world better and what they suggest I do to make a better world. Now that is the kind of post I love, that gives us all ideas to implement.. Because that is what it is going to take–external actions, not public thank yous.

  8. Ruth Curran says:

    I agree that declarations of gratitude that are not accompanied by action are hollow and frustrating — especially when they are ego driven and only looking in. The magic perscription, in my opinion, is when that declaration of gratitude comes from a place of action and maybe even more importantly from a place that is foused on shifting the balance in the world to see the good that is happening and start from that point. I think we need to keep in mind that being grateful is a place to start for many. It can be the first step in the movement from hate. The key is to use that feeling — that overwhelming wave of appreciation for all that is — to make things happen, to shift others, to effect changes in attitude, perception and maybe even policy in the world. I do get it though. Overuse makes words meaningless and that sucks because grateful is an awe-inspiring thing to “be”!

    The phrase that gets my blood boiling these days (also one that when it is backed by action is incredibly powerful) is this: “My thoughts and prayers are with the victims”.

  9. Karen Austin says:

    Agreed. I did see a few people alter the November gratitude challenge to be DOING something to show gratitude instead of just listing one thing per day. Now, did I do that? No, but the people who did inspired me. Maybe I can do better this week about doing something to show thanks. I like your photo. That’s a great image to match the meditation / call to action.

    • I have to admit I find those challenges boring to read & so repetitive. And really, bottom line is–who cares that she’s grateful for her dog (which I am). I just think gratitude is overblogged. I would much rather read about something being done or even things their kids are doing, even though I’m not a mom.

  10. Aliza B says:

    I think that many people live in their own little bubble and forget to think about others. Reaching out and serving those less fortunate is also something that should be important. Maybe some people think that since they don’t have extra money they aren’t able to do anything, but reaching out in kindness and friendship is a wonderful thing also.

  11. Jennifer says:

    I’ll be more grateful when people take kind, helpful action. Things are a mess and it’s everyone’s responsibility to take action. It starts with the simplest things like the words we speak and those we allow to be spoken around us.

  12. OMG I am so with you. It’s time to stop talking about everything and JUST DO IT. And I don’t want to hear about anyone’s thoughts and prayers going out to anyone related to gun violence ever again. Instead, do something to prevent it.

  13. I don’t think that it’s and either or – gratitude or action. I think that it MUST be gratitude and action.

  14. Dear G-d (because that’s how we spell it in my religion) and your humble servant Carol who is brilliant,

    I AM grateful…. but I’m also dancing as fast as I can to help others and signing, speaking out, and trying to create change as best as I can. That’s what the world needs now. More than ever.

    Thank you.

  15. Damn straight! I am so tired of hearing about it. The world is falling apart around you and your grateful? Buy a clue!

  16. I find myself wondering how long doing something is good for. For instance, say you pay for the car behind you in the drive through line. Are you good for the day? A couple days? If you do something big, like, say, going overseas to advocate for orphans, can you “rest” on that good deed for a whole month, or must you start doing more good as soon as the jet lag wears off?

    At what point does the desire to do good cross the line into salvation by works?

  17. Ellen Dolgen says:

    My feelings exactly! Being grateful and not taking things for granted is an admirable quality, but taking action to make change is how we will make this world a better place for our friends and loved ones. For example, I need to do something to help speak out and change the horrific gun violence problem in our society. My daughter, Sarah and I are going to join “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America” and march here in San Diego on December 12th at 11. More info here: http://act.everytown.org/event/2015-orange-walk_attend/2014/?source=taf&referring_akid=.5109868.RD8sls&source=share_email_link

  18. Diane says:

    I love the saying: Faith, without works, is dead.
    Perfect, Carol!

  19. Mary says:

    My sentiments exactly. We all need to do one thing daily that will bring this world as we know it to a better place.

  20. Toni McCloe says:

    That made me smile. However I somewhat disagree. I think “thank you ” should always come before “Please.” And as for action – Well, lets just say I don’t think gratitude got us into this mess.

  21. andi says:

    it all has to start with that gratitude – for every blessing that we have

  22. I am going to assume that everyone is grateful for the blessings in their life. I don’t need to be reminded to be grateful, ever.

    The more grateful I am, the more I want to do for other people.

    The hashtag #blessed should be banned!

  23. jenna says:

    Action is definitely needed to move forward. Gratitude goes along with awareness. Then you have to do something!

  24. Brianna says:

    Gratitude should be an all year long things, not just November. When we TRULY are grateful we LIVE from the gratitude and that actually spurs us to action. 🙂 You are right, gratitude SHOULD include action.:)

  25. For me gratitude goes beyond being thankful for what I have, but it makes me more aware of my need to move out of my comfort zone and reach out to others. I believe that it’s okay to talk about being grateful and to do the challenges if they make one more mindful. But like you say, action is what’s needed to make our gratitude into something truly meaningful.

  26. Being grateful is a great feeling. I am always telling myself how lucky I am to have the life I do, I am forever grateful. Thank you for sharing on #overthemoon , have a great week.

  27. I think gratitude is important because so often people take things for granted. I guess it’s important that the things you appreciate are more than just a laundry list of “I’m happy for,” you should try to live your life in a way to maintain them or improve them. If I say I’m grateful for my friends then I should behave in a way that would make them grateful to have me. If I say I’m grateful for my car I should take care of my car, get the oil changed… etc just some random examples.

  28. Kimberly says:

    Well said. I’ve been mulling over the concept of how we can all make a difference daily. Not a ‘gesture’, but a difference. There’s power in that concept. If everyone chose a personal mission and made it a habit, a lot could change.
    Kimberly XO

  29. Laurel Regan says:

    To each their own, but I don’t believe it has to be either (gratitude)/or (action). Both are crucial, and the two are natural partners – one can (and should) flow from the other.

    A point that a great deal of your commenters seem to have missed in their judgments is that for many of us gratitude IS action, an action we choose to take (and take again) over becoming mired in discouragement, despair, and dissatisfaction. I’m sad that so many of them are sick and tired of hearing about something that has had a life-changing impact on me, but I won’t apologize for talking about it in my blog and offering others the space to do the same… because for every one who wishes I’d “buy a clue” there are a dozen others who are grateful (yes) for the opportunity.

  30. I agree! We need to be grateful, but we also need to do actions to help others. It’s the best way we can show God that we are truly grateful.

  31. Michelle T says:

    I agree about gratitude. I think we spend to much time on it and not enough time on doing for others. Can you imagine how great this country would be if we did things for other people without expecting something back in teturn?

  32. katrina g says:

    I totally agree! I would rather help someone than take something for myself.

  33. Nicole Escat says:

    I am totally agree. We need to be grateful with an action involve 🙂 Thanks for sharing

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