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September 17, 2009

army wives collage
M. and I got addicted to Army Wives last month, when I’d ordered a few episodes on Netflix.

I’d gotten them for me, but after a couple of episodes, he was hooked, too. Pretty soon we were mainlining them in marathon sessions. His endurance for DVD marathons isn’t as strong as mine, but he did pretty well.

So I’m really not into the war thing, the wave-the-flag-gratuitously thing. What I like about Army Wives is that the characters are strongly drawn, well acted and interesting.

Claudia Joy is the perfect woman. Who could even hope to live up to her standard of womanhood? But, aha! She has a past! And has had terrible heartbreak. Her husband is the perfect guy. Sort of a Father-Knows-Best for the 21st century.

Then there’s Pamela, who’s sort of rebellious. (Aren’t all redheads spicy characters?) An ex-cop. I like her spirit. I REALLY dig her Special Forces husband. He’s a fox, now, but in the first episode, he was a jerk. Kind of a do-nothing. Interesting how that shifted, for no reason.

Denise, the nurse, is kind of a whiny girl She’s just coming into her own, after being the perfect Army wife. And her perfect warrior husband is having such a hard time with it. I even feel a little sorry for him. But not too sorry. I’m a season behind, so they just separated.

Joan went from hard-charging Army officer to a soft, gooey Mom. Yeah, pretty broadly drawn. But I like her. One of the most unrealistic characters of all is her husband, the psychiatrist, Roland. Who gave up his practice to teach high school and then quit that, became a stay at home dad and now has a new job offer. He just can’t seem to hold a job, is always having coffee with the girls (as an Army spouse) and is an awful buttinsky. You got a problem? He’ll turn up to “help.” And he’a a totally built black guy, too, so it’s a fun contrast.

Why one of those Army Wives hasn’t jumped his bones, I don’t know. I kind of thought that Denise would. But she first fell for a handsome doctor (who immediately died, before they could do anything) and then fell for a very cute and nice legless patient, whom she boned. I like that she was attracted to him, but had a few practical questions for her about that. Looked like he could roll over very agilely on top, but he had metal leg posts–I wondered how he could flip so easily and if they were cold in bed. Just askin’.

And Roxy–love Roxy. Down to earth, not even a high school grad. And that cute husband of hers. And two adorable little boys. I like their dynamic.

Yes, of course, it’s unrealistic to think that all these different ranking women would be fast friends. That just doesn’t happen in the military.

But that’s why they call it entertainment. And I love me my Army Wives on DVD.

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