Excavating the past

June 22, 2011

I’ve never been much for manual labor, but I’ve been doing digging of a different kind lately: deep digging around the muck of my past.

It’s an emotional and confusing journey.

I’ve discovered how far I’ve come. And then, thought maybe it wasn’t far enough.

I see how I’ve changed. And then, seen that I haven’t really changed at all.

I’ve remembered being in love. And then, wondered if that’s what it really was in all cases.

Kierkegaard said that we live our lives forward but understand it backwards.

When do you think I’ll get to the “understanding it” part?

3 comments on “Excavating the past
  1. Joe High says:

    Interesting post. Been doing some of my own digging.Learning. Re-learning. Have come to a spot in my life that is tough and it has made me ponder again. Understanding comes over time. WE gain some today, some tomorrow, some 10 years from now.

  2. Hi Joe. Yes, over time. Some of us are fast learners, some are…recalcitrant. 😉

  3. Hi Carol,
    It may be a matter of perspective. Sometimes I can see and feel how much I’ve healed and how much clearer my energy field is, and other times I feel like a lump of coal. Sometimes I understand, sometimes I don’t. One thing I do notice for sure, is that the lessons are coming quicker and being processed faster.
    This journey home is awesome and it always feels so good to me when I meet fellow travelers on the same path. Blessings to you.

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