The healing power of expressing your emotions

May 28, 2017

You would have PLENTY to say.

And expressing those emotions can help you heal.

We can make that process easy with journals that guide you to write, draw or paste images to
express your feelings about your disease.

See our guided journals here at A Healing Spirit.

8 comments on “The healing power of expressing your emotions
  1. BeTh Havey says:

    Thanks for this, Carol. My husband has a chronic illness, but with prayer and belief in the value of his life, he is still with us. And every day is a blessing.

  2. Sarah Bailey says:

    This has really got me thinking, I have a few different health conditions, part of me would start with thank you for making me more aware of things, of how I have taken things for granted. For instance, I have worn glasses since I was about 7, yet I took the fact I could just put on a pair of glasses and see for granted, now to see I have to wear contacts and I know one day my eyes will be too far gone for that and I’ll have to have a cornea transplant, on the flipside though I would love to scream and shout at my pain sometimes.

  3. Lee Gaitan says:

    And I think not expressing your emotions can actually make you sick as well. Expression is healing on so many levels. Your beautiful products will help so many open that door.

  4. Jess says:

    Love this concept. When I was a kid I went through grief counseling, and a huge part of it was paced through a workable journal like this with fun illustrations and images. It provided guided activities, and then places for reflection. I had to make a funeral out of play-doh, write a story about death, and discuss controlling our anger. It was super beneficial, as an adult I know I would be able to gain even more. 😉

  5. Our mental attitude towards disease is very important Carol and letting out all of our emotions must have a healing effect on us. I’m loving your new business and books.

  6. Mandi says:

    What would I say to my illness? Likely the gist of it would be that I wish I hadn’t been taken through such pain, but also thank you because it has made me a better person.

  7. Linda Hobden says:

    What would I say to my illness? “Go and take a run and jump!!” In fact, I would probably yell at it rather than “say”. Like many things in life you don’t really know how you’d react until you come face to face with it. I haven’t had a serious illness so can’t really comment. But my comment is what I wanted to say to my dad’s dementia – I wanted to yell at it to go away and let my dad live his dream retirement ….

  8. So much to say about dis-ease! So much to explore when it comes to our health and happiness. This and other comments make me wonder what can be said to disease of others? What could be revealed? You are launching an awesome helpful business with such beauty, I’m sure many will be soothed and healed!

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