Fade to black, roll credits

December 15, 2009

Finals are over for both of my classes. Today I’ll calculate grades, enter them, and finally end my three years as an adjunct professor at the University of Tampa.

I said goodbye last year, when I thought I was moving. And it was just as emotional yesterday. Maybe more.

I got more attached to my writing class than usual. It was a remarkable group–fun, funny, lively. Because I did so much one-on-one tutoring I got to know them a bit better than other classes.

Excerpts from an email I got yesterday:

Thank you very much for all your help throughhout the semester, the things that I have learned have definitely made me a bettte writer for public relations.

This was the best group that I have ever worked with for a project. There isn’t a single thing that I could have complained about all semester because everyone was responsible, and enthusiastic about doing well. It is sad that it all has to come to an end, but all in all, this was an extraordinary experience.


After they left the classroom for the last time, I sat for a minute. I looked at the empty writing stations. I could picture each in their seats. I heard the echoes of their laughter. The muted clicks of their keyboards as they wrote in class.

I took a last look. Turned off the lights. Shut the door.

Fade to black. Roll credits.

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