Fall Fashion @ Santana Row

September 12, 2010

Last night’s fashion show benefit at Santana Row was beautifully staged and so much fun. I was lucky enough to attend with women who also watch Rachel Zoe, so we could make RZ-like comments all night. Such as “I could so see Demi in this. Or Cameron.”

Oh. My. God. Covet these. Not that I could walk in them. But perfect for those days when the chauffeur carries me to the event. (Right.) Or worth displaying on a pedestal like a fine piece of art.

About the men. Let’s just say that women who’ve had too much champagne act like they’re at a Chippendales appearance when they see gorgeous male models strut the runway. My secret thought: So, guys: how does it feel to be treated like a piece of meat? Thing is, I think they liked it.

This gorgeous Great Dane was a showstopper. He got the biggest crowd roar of the evening, and for good reason.

This adorable little Yorkie couldn’t wait to get back down the aisle to safety. We went to the pet store to see the adorable “Chanel” vest it had on–precious.

Women of all ages can’t help but love princess gowns and fairy tales, so every fashion show ends with a bride. And a fairy tale.

Nothing like a fashion show finale, flashes of color, pattern and fabric as all the models promenade the runway.

We girls later had dessert at Cocola and talked of travels in Italy, dogs and life. Plenty of laughter over our sweets. We met the menfolk at the Irish pub where they’d dined and watched football and caught a ride home with them.

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