Fall is here. Definitely.

November 5, 2023

Can you feel it? For sure I feel the brand new time change!

This striking glass mobile took my breath away during a visit to the Corning Museum of Glass last week with my husband’s family. Having grown up only two hours away in western New York,, I was surprised I’d never been there and already have plans to return with a girlfriend on my next trip. Weather permitting, that is, as our part of New York state can have pretty tough winters.

But right now, fall is here, and while winter is coming, some of my favorite bloggers are making the most of the autumn season.


The ability to socially connect with others is a key to longevity but isn’t always easy depending on a person’s situation. Rebecca Olkowski, with BabyBoomster.com explores her own social awkwardness in her post “Is Social Connection Easy or Hard for You Over 50.”  


It’s a spooky time of year and can trigger all sorts of fears. Phobias are especially interesting—those things that get our heart racing and make us want to flee. Some say they even hold clues to past lives. Strangely, what freaks out one person, barely concerns another. Here are the six most common phobias. Which one is a hard no for you?


Travel is one of the best benefits of retirement. At least that’s what Meryl Baer of Musings of a Shore Life believes. She just returned from a week on the road, visiting grandkids and a couple of tourist sites along the way. She tells us about one of those places in this week’s post off-Season Travel an Ideal Senior Activity.


Since Black Friday sales are already underway, start comparing prices for items such as electronics, TVs, laptops, iPads, AirPods, home security equipment, small and major appliances, vacuums, bed and bath, smart and Bluetooth speakers, kitchen tools, home improvement items, luggage, and more, advises Rita R. Robison, consumer and personal finance journalist. Check out her article for what not to buy this month at what are probably the best sales of the year.


Since last Tuesday was Halloween, Jennifer of Unfold and Begin, reshared a post from 2016. Ghostly Witches in the Real World reminds us to look around at what nature shares with us.
That’s it for this weekend. And don’t forget, if you’re looking for a thoughtful, gentle gift for someone grieving or in treatment, please don’t forget to check out my shop right HERE.
3 comments on “Fall is here. Definitely.
  1. A few years ago, when we were active in Women of Midlife, I shared a blog post about the Corning Glass Museum. I wrote to them for a free tour in exchange for the post, and I also got free lodging at a nearby hotel – all to review these two places for the disability community. It was a beautiful trip, and I fell in love with the museum. Thanks for posting this, Carol, and for reminding me that beyond the chaos, there is still beauty in the world. xoxoxo

    • Aww, Cathy. I think I remember this post. I also noticed at the glass museum they had small, portable chairs people could carry along so they could sit at will. I’ve never seen that anywhere else.

  2. Laurie Stone says:

    Nice job, Carol. Always fun to read everyone’s posts.

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