Falling into a fresh start

April 9, 2013
Some people get stuck in a rut:
a safe and comfortable rut. 
They get in a place
and dig in.
Stay there. 
Close their eyes to anything else.
Think about things so long it turns into
analysis paralysis
or just don’t think at all.
That’s never been my problem.
I get bored easily
and boredom’s a big motivator.
Shaking things up a bit is fun.
I like change.
Embrace it, even.
And some of the most amazing things
have happened because I let life take its course.
But don’t mistake it for being passive.
It looks like I just fall into things
{lucky me}
but it’s not as random as it seems.
I’m a big believer in being 
awake to opportunities
present in life
positioning yourself to take advantage
of what appears in your life.
Plus, there’s no harm 
in just throwing ideas
out into the universe
to see if they stick.
 One of them
may turn into something
or it may not.
But one thing is very, very clear:
Any given day can change your life.
You just have to be there.

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