From the barricades

December 9, 2016

false-equivalenceOn the record

We were two of only about five Caucasians in the sushi restaurant. I saw eastern Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Japanese, Latinos, Sikhs and so many different nationalities enjoying a sushi lunch in our very diverse city of San Jose, Calif. (Silicon Valley). I wore my new Love Trumps Hate shirt for the first time.

I wore it to make a statement. I wore it to go on the record. I wore it to stand up and be counted.  I wore it so others would see it.

I wore it proudly.

As we left the restaurant we passed a dozen tables. Just about everyone we passed looked at my shirt. They didn’t say anything. They didn’t smile. They just took it in.

That was fine with me. I am on the record.


This symbol means “does not equal.”

False equivalences

Out in the parking lot, I saw one car with a Trump-Pence bumper sticker.

“You know,” I said to M, “these people can do that without fear of the car being keyed or otherwise damaged for their political beliefs. Because that’s not our style. On the progressive side, we just don’t do things like that.”

It’s true. I would love to have had a HRC bumper sticker but I knew that in some areas my car would be damaged. Because that’s how some people on the right roll.

But it’s not how we roll on the left.

I’ve had friends insist that there is equal animosity and hatred on both sides of the political spectrum. That’s blatantly FALSE. So false. Not credible at all.  Because progressives tend to use their brains, not their keys. Which is probably why we haven’t succeeded. Just too smart for our own good.

Those false equivalencies anger me because they’re just so inaccurate. They show me just how much some people can delude themselves about reality. They’d LIKE to believe that the bad behavior is equivalent, but it isn’t, not by a long shot. For sure, there are people on the left who act out. But that percentage is minuscule when compared with the percentage of Neanderthals on the right who act out. Minuscule. But these poor deluded souls take a few incidents and blow them up, as if they’re the same as the thousands of incidents perpetrated by the other side.

Don’t buy what they’re selling because it just ain’t true.

False promises

One the hallmarks of that awful man is his lack of integrity. Winning is everything, to him, and how he gets there matters not.

Which is why this Washington Post article was so interesting. It wonders how long before DT supporters will see that he’s scammed them?  That they will ALL see that they got played for someone who was laughing at them for being so naive?

Before we get too excited about how he’s probably not going to do some of his most hateful acts, like attempt to jail Hillary (not possible), maybe not be so quick to abandon activities to fight climate change and perhaps not order the torture of terrorism suspects, before we get too excited over this, let’s remember that he got elected on those hateful promises. That the guy doesn’t have any degree of integrity at all.  And also that, at some point, it won’t surprise us if his white, working class voters rise up in some way, since he might not.

And he’s still going to cut taxes for the wealthy, loosen oversight of Wall street and weaken regulations on big corporations. And this story points out that it’s in his best interest to keep the fires of hatred and resentment burning among his supporters.

I’m just wondering when they’ll wise up and make HIM their target, and then how bad things will get in this country?

Just wondering.

And of course, watching.





29 comments on “From the barricades
  1. hillsmom says:

    Something to think about, and I think you are right…er, correct. I didn’t have a Hillary bumper sticker on my car either for reasons. But I’m proud to report that Chester County, PA voted overwhelmingly for Hillary. We’ll keep watching, too.

  2. It’s sad that there is still so much ill feeling and unsettled-ness after such a long and bitter election Carol. I truly wished it would come out with a happier ending. The whole world is watching and waiting to see how it all pans out in the end. Hopefully righteousness and goodness will rise and overcome some of the ugliness that is still simmering.

  3. Diane says:

    With each day and each new revelation, I’m shaking in my shoes just a bit more. I, too, wonder if they will ever figure it out. Or find a way to blame the Democrats.

  4. I love you so much, Carol. I really do. I’m wondering if you can help me see the light here in any way. I’m trying so hard to bring light and love wherever I go, because as you so proudly wore, Love Trumps Hate. I’m afraid to even wear a shirt like that. Now I see the March on Washington, which I am going to, is being banned from the Mall and the Lincoln Memorial…..even Martin Luther King did not have that thrown at him. Like the young man who wrote after his wife was killed in the Paris attacks that his son would defy hate by living the best, loving, happy life he could as an antidote to hate, that’s what I’m trying to do.

  5. penpen says:

    Richard Nixon once said, Give me the simple side of an argument and I can sell it every time. That’s what Trump has been brilliant at doing in tapping into the anger and hidden hatred of so many disillustioned (dare I say, deplorable) and gullible people. we need to come up with better ways to frame our message and not only keep those keys in people’s pockets, but keep them from storming into family pizza restaurants with loaded guns.

  6. I’m just hoping for the best. Whats done is done.I just hope and pray that, we come together as a nation, not get separated by hatred and other sallow reasons. Like they say – United we stand and Divided we fall.

  7. I have a hard commenting on political issues, especially on a blog. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  8. Wren says:

    I think it isn’t a great idea to pin everyone into one box. You and I have had 2 completely different experiences, and I applaud you for being you and making your statement. We all should not be in fear for our beliefs, that is what this country was founded on… freedom of choice in our own beliefs.

  9. great more political talk.

  10. karlyn cruz says:

    So sad to hear that there’s still people doing that things. I hope and pray that one day we all unite us one and support the new administration.

  11. The false equivalency of the two candidates was what resulted in the devastating state of our country right now. The two sides are nothing alike, and deplorable was a mild way to describe many of his supporters.

  12. I could not agree with you more, Carol. It truly is a false equivalency. Trump’s America is going to change us all, and I fear not for the better.

  13. Vyjay says:

    If you look at it people are the same irrespective of country, caste or religion. It is vested interests who foment hate and differences in the world and divide for their own ulterior motives.

  14. Kimberly C. says:

    At this point I just accept that Trump will be the new president and only hope and pray that he will be a good one for all people. Nothing we can really do about it now.

  15. Myteenguide says:

    I don’t like the new president but I already move on and I prayed that he will work hard for all of us to have a better country because we have nothing to do to replace him for now.

  16. Liv says:

    Nah. I suspect a lot of his followers drank the Koolaid. And when he blames the left for the things he doesn’t do, they’ll believe him. That guy absolutely terrifies me.

  17. Myteenguide says:

    I love your attitude Carol. Your just being true and honest to yourself.I feel so sad to hear that there still commotions to the both sides.

  18. Very thought provoking, well done.

  19. Kelly reci says:

    I am not in favor of the election result we can’t do anything but to accept and hope for the best.

  20. Elizabeth O. says:

    You can see the difference between the two groups and I think that’s why we feel more divided than before. There’s just too much hate as it is but there’s also this drive to speak out for yourself and your beliefs.

  21. Ellie says:

    Thought-provoking certainly, I think all we can hope is that things work out for the best now that it is done.

  22. MilicA says:

    I hope and pray for the bright future for us and our kids!

  23. Amber Myers says:

    Well, I do know lots of sane people on the right, just so you know. Not all of them are crazy.

    I really don’t have a political preference. I’m just me, with my views.

  24. I tend to go with the “Thumper Philosophy” on this one: If you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.

  25. BISmah says:

    I believe that it will take some time before people wake up and see that electing him was a mistake. There is really no reason why people of various nationalities cannot live in the same country together. A human is a human.

  26. MJ says:

    It truly is a sad state to see mankind still so divided and lacking basic respect and compassion for others in the year 2016.

  27. Mitch says:

    I am not into politics but you are free to voice out your opinion. It’s ok to be hateful sometimes;)

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