September 27, 2009

I’m always taken aback when I encounter a squat-style toilet in Europe. Like I did today, at lunch. It raises all sorts of questions I don’t want to even record here.

The squat toilet must reflect the European man’s fantasy that women walk around in dresses without panties.

Because the alternative is to strip from the waist down to pee.

Which I had to do today.

Without that nice paper drape they give you at the gynecologist.

Which is the only other time you undress from the waist down for an event that isn’t meant to be pleasurable.

2 comments on “Fantasy
  1. TJ says:

    ugh.. That was your only options?? That’s one of the good things about the USA. 🙂

  2. My only option.

    Well, my only REASONABLE option.

    That, pee on myself or hold it an hour.

    I stripped.

    Yes, regular toilets ARE one of the good things about the US….not much of a claim to fame, but hey…we take it when we can get it!

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