Farewell to Morocco

March 28, 2012

I’m a little sad today; it’s hard to say goodbye to this beautiful and exotic land.Our only consolation is that we bring home with us so many fantastic memories.

One big memory is the way of life here, which– for many of the people –is so like that of their parents, their parents before them and all the way back to Biblical times. Jaw-dropping. We go crazy when our cell service is down. Here, life is more basic. Way more basic.
Ancient desert kasars (fortified cities) were mysterious–so rough on the outside, yet, some are inhabited still. We saw many. I mean many. {Maybe too many.}
The beauty and elegance of Moroccan design will stick with me a very long time.

The many ancient sites, including this one, high on a hill. Blink and it’s easy to miss some of these unfamiliar and wonderful sights while driving by.

Marvelous mosques that give all glory to Allah….striking with their carvings, mosaics and Arabic calligraphy.
I have so much more to share with you here… hundreds of images to sort through and organize by theme. Then, some thoughts and commentary to post, along with the most striking images.
We’re en route today and tomorrow and you can expect periodical posts on Morocco in coming days and weeks. Hope you enjoyed our travels vicariously–وداعا لالآن (That’s supposed to mean goodbye for now, but it could very well mean “your camel is stepping on my foot.”)

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