Farmer Wants Wife… in Australia??

May 23, 2023


Who knew that an ad for Farmer Wants Wife. (in the bush, no less), would be so attractive! But the new show, Farmer Wants A Wife has proven quite popular. And because the season is over, some of us have turned to the original show–in Australia. Quite a few seasons to catch up on. A lover of total fantasy, I jumped right into it.

Farmer Wants a Wife-Australia proved to be an unexpectedly interesting sociological study. And maybe the most real of the un-reality shows I’m familiar with.

So refreshing to see natural women without any kind of enhancements—no noticeably fake boobs, cosmetic surgery or botox. Natural noses. Some quite obvious overbites—and these imperfectly perfect women got chosen by farmers!

Only a couple “beauties” by American (enhanced) standards. The few with ridiculously inappropriate fake eyelashes (for the bush) didn’t make the cut. Many of the older women have road maps of wrinkles on their skin and yet the older cowboys chose them.

I started watching this the same week Martha Stewart’s unnatural and age-inappropriate visage graced the cover of Sports Illustrated. I had to laugh at those who thought she was a great example of an 81-year-old beauty. Yeah, like, not so much. That is not what a beautiful 81-year-old woman looks like.

I’d forgotten what “natural beauty” looks like!

It’s not that the women on the Australian show aren’t lovely—they are—naturally so. Which makes them so appealing. I forgot what that was like because. in the U.S. our standard of beauty is so artificial. Cue Martha Stewart.

These are women that look like you, me, our mothers and for some, our grandmothers. They do not all look like some cyborg version of Barbie.

The difference in values between the US and Australia (or anywhere else?) was wide and obvious as I watched this show.

The only critical thing I might say is that I suspect they were all told to whiten their teeth–and maybe got a group price at the same dentist because i have never seen so many blindingly (and unnaturally) white choppers.

Bigger issue

But the larger issue is how uncomfortable it makes me to have these women waiting for farmers to decide their fate. I understand that it could be the other way around–but it never is. It’s always women waiting and wanting. Competing for the attention of men, a few of whom they wouldn’t have given a second look in any other situation. I get it: competition makes good TV. But it feels very dysfunctional. And stereotypical.

And that does make me squirm a bit. It would be so much more interesting if both genders got a vote at the same time. Instead of Farmer Wants Wife, it could be more equal.

The best TV makes us think past the feel-goods. What I like about the Australia show is it does make me think. About a lot of things.

A few other thoughts

Congrats to the women who did not feel a spark and chose to leave.

I’m puzzled by the farmer who decided in the end he was not ready for a wife. Umm. Series is called Farmer Wants A Wife. What’s not to understand about that?

Also puzzled by the women who get all teary and even leave because it is “competitive.” What did they think they were signing up for?

Lots to think about with this show.

Have you watched? What do you think?

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12 comments on “Farmer Wants Wife… in Australia??
  1. I haven’t seen the show, any of the installments, but you mentioned something in passing that I really think is key to the physical differences in the casts, it’s the difference in values.

  2. Diane says:

    I struggle mightily with any of the ‘choose a spouse in the international spotlight’ programs.
    Marriage to me is special. Making it work? Hard and ongoing but ultimately satisfying and wonderful.
    Marriage by the popular vote? Scary.
    I had not heard of this program. I expect the participants would be more down to earth than those of The Bachelor or Bachelorette. Am I right?
    I still find the whole process scary. Love for sale or rent.

    • Well, not exactly for sale. They choose from among the chosen candidates. Lots to think about if you are a thinking person. Like I know you are. And like me..

  3. I haven’t watched it… honestly, I don’t watch much TV and reality TV would be at the bottom of my watch bucket. But I agree, a lot to chew on with this set up and the responses of the participants.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I have never watched any of the bachelors/bachelorettes or any competition like that. I watched the first season of Survivor and saw how cutthroat competitive everyone was and it turned me off. I like to watch the Great British Bake-Off because they help each other even as they compete with each other. No one is trying to undermine the other bakers. They want to win on their own without sabotaging another. I also watched Chopped and those seasonal Bake-off shows on the Food Network. Although I sometimes see an awful person most times they encourage each other and sometimes help if they have extra time.

  5. Laurie Stone says:

    Haven’t heard about it, but will have to tune in. Yes, especially on the Real Housewives of BH, everyone, even the young women, have that stretched taut, android look. It makes me crazy. It’s nice to know real women are out there on television.

  6. I haven’t seen that show although it sounds interesting. As for Martha Stewart, privilege has its perks and you can’t blame a woman who has a successful career. But, diffusion filters on her camera help.

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