A few of my favorite things

January 7, 2016

favorite-thingsTake a breath. A big one. And think of your favorite things.

Bet you’ve been so busy doing for others this winter holiday season that you haven’t taken time to do something nice for yourself. Why not bring a little spring-like energy into your life now?

I’ve got some ideas: a few of my favorite things that you, too, might like. Or maybe they’ll remind you of something you love or want to do for yourself.

My favorite things have something in common: they make my life better, more interesting or they amuse me. No one paid me a cent–I just like them.

sugar bestSugar lip treatment by Fresh keeps my lips hydrated during cold weather. Either clear or rose-tinted and with an SPF of 15. My original set of two was a free gift from Sephora one year and I liked it so well that I bought some. It ain’t cheap at around $18 and if you use it liberally, it goes quickly… but it’s very emollient and so protective. Your lips will love you for this little luxury.


B12Who knew what an energy boost can result from simply popping one of these a day? Vitamin B-12 timed release.  I’m a believer. It’s like cocaine. Only not really. It’s better.
vasantiA small tube of this came in a beauty box I get, a tube that I squeezed the living daylights out of to get the very last drop.  It’s a really nice enzymatic exfoliator that can be used every day. Since my skin is sensitive, I don’t scrub hard –it does have those little beads–but it does a great job.  Leave it on for a couple minutes for extra enzymatic exfoliation and the beads seem to dissolve. I liked it so much I bought a full-sized tube.


I love my oldies music. To be honest, I’d go back and do the 1960s all over again. Sirius 60s on 6 is my favorite in-the-car music, followed closely by 50s on 5 and several other channels offering the music of my generation. Although I’ve been known to hang out on contemporary Country and alternative channels every once in a while.

I just discovered I can also get Sirius on my other devices at no extra charge, so now it’s now my portable motivation for cardio. Love me my Sirius XM 60s! One of my favorite things.
Tea1You may remember that my doctor, known around my house as “Mean Mommy” wanted me to lose some weight. In looking for something that might be a damage-free treat, I ran across this interesting Chinese fermented tea with cocoa nibs. I had no idea Pu-erh had so many health benefits or that it is purported to help with digestion and weight loss if you drink it one hour after a meal.

Now, it tastes nothing like chocolate (which was a disappointment) and has no calories and only a mild, not-very-tea-like taste. But it’s filling, helps hydrate the body without those endless ounces of plain water and has become a daily ritual. I’m certain loose tea has more benefits than the bags, but I’m attached to the convenience of the bags. I find my Numi at Whole Paycheck, I mean Whole Foods.

Boulder bowl
Sometimes, you fall in love with something and have to have it. That was the case with this beautiful bowl I saw in a Boulder art gallery a few years ago when visiting a friend. I love the fuzzy color, the almost delicate construction and the clean, modern design. It gives me pleasure to look at it on my living room shelf.
Venice bowl On a nearby shelf is a little different bowl. I found it maybe 15 years ago in a shop in Venice (that would be the real Venice and not Epcot Venice) that made its ceramics the 14th century way. I remember being surprised that it actually arrived, since I don’t usually ship things to or from Italy. Another beautiful memory when BFF and I –and the husbands we had then– went to Italy for a cooking class outside of Rome, then extended our trip a bit.
snoww clobe Touching my heart every day is this beautiful snow globe that my husband gave me to memorialize our late Little He and his close relationship to Riley. Both of our hearts are covered with footprints of our beloved pets. This was such a thoughtful gift.
Reiki candle I received my first Reiki-charged candle from the sister of my soul a few years ago and now I am never without one. I love this Dream candle and the Reiki charge that goes with it.
bracelets My friends know that as much as I love the culture San Francisco offers, I can spend half a day in the city’s Macy’s and that’s where I found these incredible bracelets a couple years ago at a STEAL. I really do love them.

And then, this:

favorite-thingsI never wanted to be one of those people fiddling with their phone apps in public, so I try not to indulge in Solitaire when I’m away from home. (Unless faced with waiting for a very long time.) But if I’m watching mindless TV, I’ll half watch and play.  I downloaded it a couple months ago and haven’t gotten tired of it yet. Hoping it’s good for memory. And free is always good.


Fam Rm loveOur family room. We love it. But I especially love our redesigned fireplace, the gas insert we had installed, the original painting –really, the whole scene. The Buddha head  (Overstock.com!) catches my eye all the time. I love looking at it. My gay husband turned it a tiny bit to the left the other day after I’d already taken this photo. He was correct, it looks better.

Of course,  M. is my favorite husband (although at one time I have to admit he was my least favorite EX-husband). And Riley is my favorite dog.  And the women who are my BFFs already know who they are and the men who are my male BFFs and brother substitutes because mine is. well, let’s just say absent. If you are one of my favorite people, well, you know it, right?

Well, now it’s your turn. Did you have fun? Are you reminded of a few of your own favorite things? I hope you’ll share a couple in the Comments below.

29 comments on “A few of my favorite things
  1. Sheryl says:

    Thanks for sharing your special things with us. You have great taste! Love your fireplace…wish I had one just like it to warm me up right now – brrrr..

  2. Sabrina Fox says:

    I love finding new lip products! Your sugar lip treatment definitely piqued my interest because it’s so hard finding products that help my lips in the way I need them to! And I am in love with that fireplace! Looks super easy on the eyes and cozy.

  3. Here are a few of my fav things:
    A teapot and bowl from England purchased while I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, who is now 23! And a cookie jar, inherited from my Nana, where she kept it FILLED, with silver dimes (imagine what that would be worth today!!) Oh and fruit..yeah love fruit, at least in the New Year!! hahaha. Thanks for making me really ‘look’ at some of my fav things. I am smiling more today!
    I took a picture…but couldn’t get it to paste to here!! Sorry, now that’s a project for 2016. Learn how to do that!

  4. Andrea B. says:

    Carol – I love Numi tea!! You’re the second person I’ve seen share it in the last two days and I’m so excited to see others enjoy it, too.

    And I’ve missed my lip scrub stuff. This one looks like I might be needing to try it.

  5. I think I just had that Numi tea yesterday — it was in our pantry from when my college kid (who I think hoped it would taste like chocolate) had been here. // Just ordered the B12 before I even finished the post. I really need to do this exercise!

  6. Emma says:

    I love the mosaic work around your fireplace, it’s gorgeous

  7. I really enjoyed your Favorite Things List! I have an obsession with dishes and love the two bowls that made your list! I could definitely appreciate them too!

  8. I take that same B-12! Lol!
    I did have fun on the holiday. Family was crazy and busy. NYE danced with my friends and drank way too much prosecco but it was fun to relax.
    My favorite things include…cheese fries, green juice (the balance each other out right?), when all my favorite T.V. shows come back from winter hiatus and backrubs 

  9. Thank you for sharing so many of the sweet little things that bring happiness into your life and spaces at home. I adore the cute ceramic bowl that you found in Venice. And I absolutely love your fabulous, modern fireplace! Beautiful taste. My favorite things are colorful, whimsical, sweet, and fun. They’re unique items that make me smile. 🙂

  10. Paola says:

    I really like the dog globe, I would love to have a cat globe! heheheh

  11. I love all of your favorite things especially your fireplace. It’s fabulous and I can see why you like it. I love your little bowls too, the second one especially.

  12. andrea says:

    I love 60’s on 6 on Sirius-XM – all the variety of music. I’m also a HUGE herbal tea lover… 🙂

  13. Silly Mummy says:

    I bet it’s fun doing a post of your favourite things. I love sugar lip treatments.

  14. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    These all sound lovely. I also like listening to 60s on 6 on Sirius XM.

  15. We all need to treat ourselves now and then. You’ve chosen good treats. I used to take the better-than-cocaine vitamin but stopped for some reason. I’ll have to pop a few again. Thanks for the reminder!

  16. I think I need to start taking B-12 supplements too. Meanwhile, I’m in love with that bowl! I have so many favorite things, including my beloved Anthropologie blanket(s).

  17. Elizabeth O. says:

    That’s really nice! I love all the beauty products that you featured, they are all definitely awesome. I like the fireplace too, it looks really nice, a head turner!

  18. I have the worst cracked lips at the moment. Our weather went from 70’s to 9 degrees overnight. The Sugar fresh looks delicious! My husband and I take the vitamin B that dissolves, love it!
    That bowl is beautiful. For me its teapots and soy candles, I love them.
    happy New Year!

  19. Myke Todd says:

    I have satellite television. Most of the day it is on a 60s radio station. At night I switch over to an elevator music station… I never have insomnia, unless I am not doing well at playing “Name That Tune” in my head…

    By some great miscalculation, I seem to have overbought on Baby Ruth and Butterfinger candy bars for the Christmas stockings, and now I have stock on my shelf. Sly move, eh?

    Very fun article here, Carol. I got some serious smiles. Who could ask for more than that.

  20. Myke Todd says:

    I have satellite television. Most of the day it is on a 60s radio station. At night I switch over to an elevator music station… I never have insomnia, unless I am not doing well at playing “Name That Tune” in my head…

    By some great miscalculation, I seem to have overbought on Baby Ruth and Butterfinger candy bars for the Christmas stockings, and now I have stock on my shelf. Sly move, eh?

    Very fun article here, Carol. I got some serious smiles. Who could ask for more than that.

  21. Tara says:

    Great idea for a post! I love that beautiful bowl!

  22. Clare Speer says:

    I love your selection of favorite things! I love that fireplace! (Miss one – grew up in the Northeast and truly do miss one)! And love the reminder to take Vitamin B-12 – I keep reading all the great things about it!

  23. MyTeenGuide says:

    The look like great products. I’d like to try the sugar lip treatment.

  24. Mimi Rose says:

    I love this post! Sometimes you really do just need to treat yourself. I’ve heard such great things about taking B-12 vitamins, I’ll definitely be looking into getting some for myself.

  25. Lisa Rios says:

    Some of your favorite things that you have shared are so special to me as well. I always have one of those beauty facial pack & I love taking Herbal tea every day. I would love to get that Reiki-charged candle as well.

  26. Thanks for sharing this article.

  27. Maria Lena says:

    Thank you for sharing the knowledge and the tips! It is very helpful and informative. Don’t forget to use elcometer to measure the thickness of the paint to make it easier for you to get the painting job perfectly done. Anyways, would love to see more of your posts.

  28. Thanks for sharing your favorite things. Some of them matches with me. However, you have a great taste.

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