Think you’re not good enough?

June 23, 2014


Insecurity isn’t only for the young–it’s running rampant in my age group.  If this describes you or someone you know, there’s something you–or they– can do about it.

I’m guesting over at The Writer Revived, today, as part of the Summer Series. So some come on over and start–or join–the discussion! Click HERE to be magically transported!

33 comments on “Think you’re not good enough?
  1. Going to check it out now!

  2. Such a good post.
    I gave up negative peopme for New Year 2014. It has allowed me so much more time for people that are for me and for new positive friends.
    Still battle occasional insecurites but confidence is growing:)

  3. Great suggestions. I wrote a comment.

  4. My problem is perhaps just the opposite. Just as bad…or not quite?

  5. kim tackett says:

    You’re right, this is the time to own ourselves…

  6. joan says:

    Boy oh boy did I need this today!! It’s the few women I meet who seem to need to bring me down to their level… I guess to make themselves feel better? I really had not thought of it as their insecurities till I read this…. Just women who are into control and judgement….. I hate to be arrogant and not listen to their criticism of me…. but it’s true their negative comments had caused me to take a look and notice all the great and wonderful people in my life!! Thanks for being a positive one, Carol!!

  7. joan says:

    oops.. just forgot to mark I want “follow up” by email and it makes me make a comment to do that… guess I’m not perfect! teehee!

  8. Lana says:

    Great post Carol. This is something I struggle with, but I’m working on it every day – some more successfully than others :)!

  9. joan says:

    Wish I could go to the presentation…. But my day is already full! But that’s a good thing too!!

    • What presentation? Am I missing something? 😉

    • joan says:

      hmmm maybe I missed something !? I thought I read you were at some conference or presentation you were suggesting we attend…. Maybe I nodded off as I read…
      In my mind you are at, or giving, some wonderful conference will all sorts of supportive fantastic info… hope you are enjoying it….. teehee

  10. Haralee says:

    People who are insecure about lots of things can be time, emotional vampires. Sorry not for me!

  11. Great Guest Post, Carol. An issue that needed addressing and you did it clearly and honestly.

  12. Ruth Curran says:

    Ugggghhhh…. I really hate it when you make me read exactly what I need exactly when I need it…:)!
    Thank you, as always for the hand up!

  13. Ellen Dolgen says:

    With age comes freedom from all of those insecurities and worries about others! Love this….

  14. I am a work in progress, and as such I began to remove toxic people from my life one by one. It’s amazing how it frees you to be with people, and yourself, giving you more time to be joyous and thankful.

  15. Great post as usual Carol!

  16. Beth Havey says:

    I have had lots of insecurities in my life that I have overcome. But I do believe when you
    nove to a new place, like I did a year ago, or you encounter an illness in your family or
    just some big change in your life–new securities can appear. Carol, you have great ideas as to
    how to cope. Thanks, Beth Havey

  17. Barbara says:

    I attend a Socrates cafe once a month at the local library and many of the people, older than me by a decade or more, expressed they finally felt power in not caring what others think….in finally speaking and acting their truth. What richness being older brings. I’m strutting my stuff these days – for my own damn self and for the benefit of those I come in contact with. Why not?

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