Flowers when you’re dead

April 23, 2013
in a bucket-Union Square SF florist
who wants flowers when you’re dead? nobody.
J.D. Salinger, Catcher in the Rye
That’s right.
I don’t like those funeral wreaths
and huge formal things on stands
artificially arranged in a cross or a heart 
or who knows
in white
or red and white
with maybe a big ribbon that reads
Beloved Aunt
or Dad.
Better that you bring me poseys
and bouquets 
nosegays picked from garden
dew still on petals
bring them now
while I can exclaim over them
while they can catch my eye
a burst of color on a counter
or shelf
I really, 
don’t like funeral arrangements.
I think they should add a checkoff box to
Advanced Directives
that says
No Funeral Flowers
That’s what I think.
One comment on “Flowers when you’re dead
  1. Daisy Russel says:

    Great photo and poem!

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