Foiled again

October 19, 2009

If you’ve followed along this year, you know that I have been dying to score some good drugs. Maybe some Valium or Xanax. Something I could cut into tiny pieces and take at night to help me sleep.

But if you’ve followed along, you also know that while all my friends are freely offered great prescription drugs, I am usually only offered aspirin. Or in a pinch, Motrin.
If you’re new, note that I am not a drug addict, not in recovery and not even an addictive personality.

(Just a neurotic.)

Today I was pretty sure we’d be offered Xanax for the dogs. One of the vets last month said that she thought it might be the next step.

While I wouldn’t take solace out of my dogs’ mouth, they wouldn’t miss a tiny quarter of a tablet.

This morning we were at the vet bright and early. Dr. Stu was on duty. We explained the situation and I suggested that the dogs would benefit from something oral.

He agreed.

And gave us instructions for several herbal remedies that we could get at the local health food store.


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