Follow up to “The vibe matters”

October 17, 2013

2013-10-17 11.52.26 You remember the mammogram I rescheduled because I didn’t like the vibe of the radiology center? I blogged about it HERE.   As you may recall, I rescheduled and  went back to my usual breast imaging site. My appointment was today.

There’s the check-in, above. Women only working the desk. Flowers. Quiet and calm aura about the place.

2013-10-17 11.52.38A TV screen showing video images of flowing rivers, beautiful nature scenes accompanied by soft music.

2013-10-17 12.15.01The dressing room has half a dozen nicely furnished cubicles with pretty curtains. The technician introduced herself and made pleasant, relaxing conversation. She gave me a lovely waffle weave spa robe to wear.  The nipple covers had a pink floral design.  All was calm. Professional, but peaceful. Confidence-inducing. I know their affiliate hospital is probably good, but the environment invoked only anxiety.

There’s a major medical center down the street from my imaging center. Stanford. I’ve been to Stanford Hospital numerous times in the past and also more recently with a friend. I know it’s a great hospital and I’m supposed to like it. But really, I don’t. It’s big, sterile, impersonal.  I like the smaller, immaculate hospital down the street much better. The one in which I had two surgeries 20 years ago.

It really is all about the vibe.

6 comments on “Follow up to “The vibe matters”
  1. Bouncin Barb says:

    Wow, a robe and nipple covers? That’s pretty awesome. Sounds like this place was designed by a woman, for a woman. Being comfortable and relaxed make all the difference. Glad you followed your gut and rescheduled at this place.

    • admin says:

      Well, the nipple covers are so they don’t read like tumors on xrays–they cover moles too, different floral—but the floral design really was a neat touch. This is the only place I’ve ever had a mammo so going to a full bore Radiology dept at a shabby older hospital that has seen better days freaked me out!

  2. PatU says:

    Carol, did you ever go to the Elizabeth Wende Breast place in Rochester. it’s the Wegmans of mammography.

    • admin says:

      LOL at the reference! I left Rochester when I was almost 21, so nope, never went there. Am pleased with El Camino out here, and then there’s always Stanford if I need the cutting edge of anything. Which I hope I never do. You know, I wonder if my mother went there; she was diagnosed at 73…but died a year later from something else.

  3. Adrian R says:

    I love when they tape vitamin E capsules over my nipples before MRIs. Glad it is always a woman doing it.

    • admin says:

      Adrian R, you won a beauty box but I see no email for you. I’ll need your snail mail …my email is ccassara (at) aol… thanks!

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