Fountain of youth

August 25, 2009

My husband has marvelled numerous times that I don’t look my age. His loving assessment that I look about 45 is generous, to be sure. And 13 years off the mark.

People who carry a bit more weight usually do look younger. Besides that, we have good genes in my family. Youthful-looking genes. Both of our parents aged well.

Over the weekend, M. came into my bathroom and was astonished at the number of potions, serums and elixirs on my counter.

“Do you have enough counter space?” he asked, laughing.

“How do you think I maintain my youthful good looks?” I responded. He couldn’t disagree.

I’ve been using the new Lancome product, Genifique, daily, for some months, and I wanted to report back. It’s a serum applied under moisturizer and is dispensed in a measured dropper. The few drops disperse well over face and neck.

Genifique has all sorts of scientific hype, was in development for 10 years and is actually supposed to boost genetic activity.

It’s not cheap, at just under $80. But it isn’t as outrageously priced as LaMer creme, which runs $130 per ounce, and whose smell I can’t stand.

I’m pretty cynical about skin products. I don’t know if eye cream does anything but moisturize for the day, for example. But because my skin became dry when I hit middle age, I do moisturize daily, and have an unflagging skin care routine.

After cleansing, I apply toner. Then Genifique. Eye cream. I probably shouldn’t, but I follow it up with an Olay serum. Then moisturizer. Then a foundation with a dewy finish.

After five months of using it, maybe more, I think the Genifique works. It did not diminish a faint brown spot on my cheek from back in the day when I used birth control pills. And it’s not like my little signs of age are completely gone. But my skin looks darn good.

I’m always going to be way too chicken to have cosmetic surgery. It’s just too risky to go under anesthetic. Olivia Goldsmith, author of The First Wives Club, died undergoing a facelift. Let that be a lesson, I say.

So potions it is, for me, and Genifique is a good one. My $80 bottle is only about 3/5 depleted after half a year, which makes it a good value in my book.

If like me, you’re a middle-aged-diva, check it out here:

2 comments on “Fountain of youth
  1. Alan says:

    I hear ‘ya on plastic surgery. Definitely a risky thing to do.

    There is a school of thought among men that the only area of importance w/ women’s looks is the butt. LeDandy concurs.

  2. Le Bum! Well, you know what they say: soft as a baby’s bum….

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