Frosty morning fantasy

January 11, 2014

beth houseThe glass window panes in Atlanta were ice-cold to the touch–actually– frost-cold. You can just make out frost against the panes in the photograph. The wind chill was 10 degrees below zero earlier this week and my friend B. and I shivered as we climbed the exterior stairs to her warm and cozy place.  It’s been years since I’ve been in weather that cold and it’s not normal for Atlanta. I really appreciated the warm fire and her delicious home-made vegetable soup. Which I’m making when I get home.

Although we do have a little bit of a climate change in the San Francisco Bay area, more than, say Florida, we only rarely get super-cold weather. I can’t even remember it getting below 20 degrees, ever, although it might have.

M and I were both raised in western New York state’s snow belt. Rochester is on Lake Ontario and winters in my childhood often involved snow days off from school and snowbanks that so entirely covered our long ranch house that my father would have to tunnel us out from the garage. Oh, winter could be exciting for kids!

M doesn’t miss that weather at all, but I have to admit that I do. Oh, I don’t want to live with the inconvenience of snow, the dangers of ice, the dirty slush, the icy wind and power outages. But it’s nice to have a little dose of Currier & Ives once in a while.

A couple years ago we took two December nights at Yosemite to attend the Bracebridge Dinner (highly recommend, I blogged about it HERE)  No snow at sea level, of course. We started to see snow as we climbed in elevation and pretty soon we were in a full-out winter wonderland.  The last time I’d been in real snow had been when we buried my mother on Christmas Eve in 1999. Yosemite at Christmas-time was markedly different. To say the least.

Our vacation plans for 2014 are back-end loaded: two weeks in October and about 10 days in December. We’re not likely see snow in Sicily in October, but I have to admit to a secret hope that our Christmas Market cruise on the Danube involves just a little bit of snow. Not enough to inconvenience us, but enough to get us in the Christmas spirit. Maybe in Vienna. Doesn’t that sound picturesque?

But, shhhh!  Don’t tell M!

4 comments on “Frosty morning fantasy
  1. Beth says:

    It was wonderful to be BFFs for a few days in frosty Atlanta. Your wisdom, advise, and support will be with me forever! Looking forward to girls trip in May:-). Xo.

    • admin says:

      You’re a fantastic hostess & I love how quickly after meeting that we connected soul-deep. I loved our conversations–we’re going to have such a fun time in the spring! xox PS LOVE LOVE LOVE your place & sense of design

  2. Laura Kennedy says:

    My parents once spent a week snowed in at Yosemite’s Ahwanee. Dad was there for a conference, Mom had a biiiig stack of novels. She said it was heaven.

  3. donna says:

    OH! Me and winter…we are best buds! I know I am one of those few exceptions. I don’t mind the inconvenience and the snow days-although my 2 kids still at home feel totally gypped out of snow days as they are using an at home cyber school for high school :)! Of course the many accidents that happen around our area of NE PA are NEVER fun.
    Still, I love it.
    Poor Atlanta people! 10 below wind chill must feel like Antarctica to them!! Glad you had a friends place to escape the cold!

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