Treasure hunting in Manhattan

June 3, 2013

I love a good treasure hunt, and where better to seek out beautiful treasures than New York City?  We spent an entire day immersed in design, fun and fascinating treasures last month. Come along with us!

pretty chandA gorgeous chandelier. One of the prettiest I’ve seen.

bird house

A precious little bird house. I wish I had a place for it!

dining rm

Simple design makes a grand statement.

chairThis chair contained a card that read do not touch. The chair looked so fragile I wondered what would happen if someone sat down in it.


This desk looked like it would be at home in the 1930s. I kinda dug it.

urbn shamanThese magical things fascinated me. Oh, you wonder what they are?

urban shamHere’s the explanation. Not cheap, either, or I’d own one.

chandelier i wantTerrible shot of a chandelier that would look fabulous in my dining room. A little smaller, though.

angel chairWhat home doesn’t need a wing(ed) chair? 😉

silver bulb bOr a silver bulb?

bowlsI once had bowls almost like these.

jackson“What’s Angela Davis’ face doing on a pillow?” I thought, when I saw this. (It’s actually Michael Jackson.)

obI knew who this was. I just didn’t know who’d want him on a pillow.

colorsSo modern…but what’s the Travelocity gnome doing here?

porcelainAnd this modern but retro porcelain stood out.

chandelier many

A big mess of chandeliers gives us a big finish. The photo doesn’t do them justice. Gorgeous and pricey.

All photos taken at ABC Carpet & Home on Broadway in Manhattan. Don’t let the name fool you. Seven or eight floors of gorgeousity. (Yes I made that word up.)


One comment on “Treasure hunting in Manhattan
  1. b+ says:

    The perfect day in my world. My husband will even go along on these treasure hunts. But did you buy anything? I know you thought about it.


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