March 9, 2009

My business partner has experienced God’s generosity first-hand, over and over. But it’s only this year that He has slapped me up side the head (in a good way) with His generosity and goodness. And in case I’m in danger of forgetting, He reminds me.Constantly. Like He did yesterday.

I sent a blast note out to my greater email list, those folks who were not aware of the new business. I told them I’d resigned from my job and then a little about the workshop business.

Within hours, I’d been reminded how generous people are.

I received loads of encouragement and good wishes, but on top of that, I got excellent networking and marketing ideas and even an offer to put us on as speakers at a university meeting of middle-aged women, the sweet spot of our market.

Sheepishly, I have to admit that I’ve been guilty of underestimating Tampa. I never really enjoyed the traditional business community here. There is a cut-throat backdrop that I didn’t respect.

But there’s another layer here of people in business, too. The less traditional group. Like the former client who also used to live in Silicon Valley. He had some great marketing ideas that he used when he began his own business –plus offered to make introductions. And so much support from everyone. I even got written prayers and blessings!

I’ve spent 13 years helping people connect with others who could be helpful. But now, I am the recipient of this good will and good advice.

Everything looks so perfectly aligned, it’s hard to feel anxiety about having absolutely no income and two mortgages. (I know, who IS this woman??) I really do have the most perfect faith about this.

And I”m not just coasting on my partner’s great relationship with God, either. 😉

Although she’s taught me a lot about faith. She just keeps this knowing look and smile on her face. The other day, she was updating a pastor with both know, and said “Carol can’t believe how good God is.”

Well, I’m beginning to see. Amazing grace and all that.

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