Alpacas, camels, kids: German Christmas market

December 20, 2014

alpaca cutie
Alpacas aren’t the first things to come to mind when someone says “Christmas market.” In fact, they never come to mind at all.  But they were absolutely the cutest things we saw at the wonderful market at privately-owned Thurn and Taxis palace in Regensburg, Germany. More on the palace in another post.

alpaca cuteAlpacas are related to llamas (but more docile) and are bred for the fiber, which is in the same class as cashmere. But really, I think they are bred for their cuteness. This one looked me right in the eye, probably trying to figure out what I was. Because they are prey animals, they don’t exactly welcome humans. But there they were, on display at the Christmas market looking super-cuddly.  I didn’t ask to pet one or anything. I just enjoyed their cuteness.
alpaca duo2
The last time I saw a camel was in India. I can’t say I expected to see one in Germany, much less two, but yes, we found these two hanging out at the Christmas market. Here’s what I thought they were saying.


“Don’t you feel like an idiot standing here in these stupid hats?”


“Oh, I don’t know, it’s only once a year. And it beats being flogged to pull shit  in one of those developing countries.”


“Well, I’m feeling pressured to look as cute as those alpacas down the path. Maybe we should consider having some work done.”

We saw adorable kids, but not as many as I expected. Maybe Germans don’t feel compelled to lug their kids everywhere.  But we did see kids in their school groups and it appears that in Germany, snow suits are still being worn. I used to wear them as a child in the snowy cold of my western NY home town.
kids walking These school kids were just young enough to look really, really sweet.
xmas mkt carousel pig This darling, slow carousel featured a crazy-looking pig with his tongue hanging out.  I guess he’s just exhausted from going round and round.  I don’t like being dizzy so I avoid these things like the plague.
xmas mkt carousel kidThis precious little one was practically falling off…that’s his father holding him.

fast gorgeous carouselWe quickly walked past this gorgeous carousel –it was going so fast that nothing good could come of it. We didn’t want to see kids get off it or look too closely at the ground around it. I mean, it was SPEEDING in circles.

mime regenburg bestMimes.  Mimes were HUGE and they were all clad in metallic paint, either gold or silver.  Not at the markets, either, just on the street.

So, can you top these? I’m curious. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve seen at a Christmas celebration? Or the cutest?


13 comments on “Alpacas, camels, kids: German Christmas market
  1. Pam Jarratt says:

    So cute. This was my favorite market. Were you there at night also? They had fires burning all around the market and singers performing Christmas carols, it was so “in the season”.

    • Yes, we were there around sunset. I was surprised at how big it was! Our favorite remains Budapest. Our hotel was smack dab in the middle of a huge Christmas market and even in the rain we walked around. And they had great stuff!

  2. roz warren says:

    Carol I’m really enjoying my armchair trip to Germany via sitting at my desk in the morning in my jammies and reading your blog. And I’m really looking forward to your post about that palace — I’ve been reading about it for years and can’t wait to see it through your eyes. ALL of the animals in these photos look as if theyre smiling. Adorable.

  3. We live in an area where there’s a lot of farm country along our back roads. Those roads are en route to where I used to drive my son to school every day. I’d tell him to appreciate the sights he gets to see on his way to school because it’s so beautiful.

    There is a large alpaca farm along the way, and we’d stop from time to time to marvel at how beautiful they are. They really are simply adorable!

    Loved your photos and tour, Carol.

  4. I am so jealous, I am Christmas green! LOVE the animals….and the camels are just awesome. I have to do this cruise.

  5. Mimes always kind of freak me out a little. Just creepy to me, kind of like clowns are to some.

    The alpacas are adorable. There’s an alpaca ranch about 50 miles from us that we’d pass on the way to where we’d camp each summer with our daughters. It was a highlight of the ride not only because the alpacas were so darn cute, but because it marked the halfway point to and from.

  6. Okay, so I’m totally in love with those alpacas! How cute are those little faces! I think the camels are actually pretty cute too. I’m pretty sure little kids still wear snowsuits, Carol — we just don’t see them in California!

  7. My brother used to own a small farm and he had a pair of alpacas. They were adorable they were just pets though.

  8. Diane says:

    I’ve been startled more than once by those mimes. They’re amazing!

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