Getting it off my chest

August 16, 2012
My first reaction

I am watching someone
spin out
act out
in the toxicity of anger
and take along innocent victims
at the threshold of their lives.

I know all too well
the root is buried pain
layers of avoidance
created crazy-with-anger thinking
not rational
not helpful
not adult

I’m sad
first for the victims
and then
for the source, also a victim
trying hard not to be angry myself
working to recognize the deep pain
the agony
at the root
of such awful behavior
and send up a prayer to the Universe
that a better way is found

and that what’s happened so far
won’t affect the innocent victims
even though it already has
so maybe the prayer is
that it won’t affect them more

Here is your lesson:
handle your issues
handle your anger
grow up
because you are responsible for others
who are learning in their pain
but what are they learning?

You can’t see past your anger
to be afraid for them
but I am

and my lesson (and I clearly have one) is this:

The Buddha’s wisdom, always on the money.

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