Check out these unique & wonderful holiday gift ideas

November 4, 2022


‘Tis the season for gift giving and if you’re seeking unique gift ideas, I’ve got some that are sure to please.

Lily Lark parasols and fans

I’ve had a Lily-Lark parasol for years (since they came out, years and years ago). I even brought one to Egypt, where it shaded me in style from the hot desert sun.

gift-ideasIn that way life has of presenting “coincidences”, an expert on hieroglyphs I follow (and want to travel with) is also a Lily-Lark lover and has collaborated with the designer on a print!

And there are some fabulous new designs. For every taste. These are just a few of the lovely prints.

My second parasol and some hand fans are on their way. The newest Lily-Lark offering and one of the best gift ideas: Hand FANS. Yes, fans! Am I excited? Yes! I love them!

gift-ideas Not just a Gilded Age accessory, but perfect for this age of global warming. They’re compact, lightweight, beautiful and they do come in handy. Slip them right into your bag and you’re all set.

They’re gorgeous and reasonably priced. Little works of art in some stylish new patterns that are both practical and pretty.

Bottom line: Lily-Lark accessories are quite wonderful, unique holiday gift ideas. I know many women who would love to receive one of these beauties. Especially  those who like to be at sunny events…or those who run a little… hot…… Just saying! Very affordable. So they are tops on my list of gift ideas.

Some really good books to give (and read, yourself!)

My BFF gifts books. And more books. For every occasion. Yes, the family I should’ve been born into, but lucky me, she’s a big part of my life anyway!

So here are a this season’s recommendations.

gift-ideasThe Lady with the Crown: a Story of Resilience by Kathleen Canrinus

I loved this memoir the whole way through. It’s exceptionally well-written and just so affirming. I laughed, I smiled and yes, it touched my heart. Goodreads readers give it 4.9 stars…..for a reason.

Anyone in our generation will completely get it. Actually, any adult daughter who has or had a mom will find many moments that resonate. Is there any relationship that is so…fraught? Add to it some other life changes, and, well, a really good memoir.

It’s a fantastic book group choice, offering lots to discuss.

And I’m not just saying all this because the author has become a friend…she became a friend AFTER I read the book! And gave it to others. So read this book! And consider it as a gift book, too.

Find it on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble and many bookstores. Guaranteed good read.

Perfect All the Time by Judy Mollen Walters 

gift-ideasJust out in September, it’s another good read.  It’s women’s fiction –my favorite kind of book–and I really liked it! Judy’s a pretty prolific writer, so any of her books are going to be worth reading. How about giving a bundle of them to an avid reader?

I love the Amazon reviewer who said:

🍦love ice cream in the winter
🤰🏼have ever been pregnant
👯‍♀️ would do anything for your best friend
🗣️ enjoy multiple points of view

You don’t often see reviews that creative! But she’s right.

Check out all of Judy’s literary offerings at

Enchanting Affirmation Card deck

gift-ideasI have, use (and have given as gifts) this gorgeous 30-card deck of colorful cards.

Marylou Falstreau aims to inspire women on their life journey and each card encourages, affirms and celebrates a part of the journey. The creator is an artist, a writer, a poet.

She’s also a friend and as usually happens, I bought her work long before I met her and we became friends. I have her cards, her original art, her prints, her coloring books, her card decks. I have it all and so I know how beautifully produced all her work is, and especially how much it relates to life. For all of us.

You may have seen her colorful artwork in shops, as have I. But you can shop right now! Grab a card deck for your BFF or some other gifts and greeting cards from her website at

For those who are dealing with health issues or grief this holiday season


The grief deck.

Death and disease do not take holiday breaks. Every single one of us knows someone who is challenged this holiday–by health issues or by grief. We know these people. And we want to remember them at the holidays with something that is actually going to be helpful.

I designed A Healing Spirit’s gently supportive tools for them. They are budget-friendly–by design. A price range for just about everyone. Nothing is super expensive. Affordable gifts. Helpful gifts. Appreciated gifts. If you haven’t taken a look at these, it’s worth doing.

There are two sizes of gift packages OR individual healing and grief affirmation decks and guided journals. They’re absolutely beautiful and customers are constantly saying how helpful they are. If you wonder what would be most helpful to a loved one, drop me an email or message. Look over what’s available at

Beautiful and Fragrant Candles


A Christmas candle. But we have other pretty designs, too.

Mine are beautiful, fragrant works of art with petals and crystals. Definitely unique gifts and so appreciated. Plus, and this is important to many of us –consumable. Once used, they’re gone. Eco-friendly, reusable glass containers, wonderfully gorgeous designs that customers rave about. Message me OR find them in my shop at

If you found these suggestions interesting, and I hope you did, please consider giving some of these wonderful gifts this season or any time a gift is called for. Or, for no reason at all.

Season’s greetings to you all!

12 comments on “Check out these unique & wonderful holiday gift ideas
  1. I’m happy you’ve recommended some new books for me to check out.

  2. Rena says:

    I have a thing for fans and love them in all shapes and colors! Gorgeous!

  3. Laurie Stone says:

    Still have one of your candles in my kitchen. It smells so good and makes me happy.

  4. Diane says:

    So many wonderful things to choose from. I always look forward to your suggestions–you NEVER steer me wrong! Those parasols and fans are adorable! I read Perfect All the Time and loved it! Going, now to get The Lady with the Crown! My gift to ME!

  5. Rita says:

    My daughter lives in Spain. Fans are a tradition there and people actually use them. When we went to a restaurant in Tacoma when she was visiting, it was hot because the air conditioning wasn’t working. She whipped out a fan she had in her purse and started using it. Fortunately, we moved to outside seating so the problem was solved.

  6. Thanks, Carol. Nice gift selections.

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