Gifting the graduate in your life

May 5, 2012

Spring is here and graduates clad in caps and gowns are promenading down the aisles of numerous gymnasiums and civic centers to get their diplomas.

Whether it’s high school or college, graduation signifies a huge step into the grown-up world and many of us will be feting the young people in our lives with parties and gifts.

Gifts for graduates used to be a Cross pen set, remember? Or, a check. But I’d like to suggest something else.

Why not give the graduate in your life an experience? Something they haven’t done before.

A lifetime of adventure would be a pretty great gift, but probably a bit to large an undertaking for most of us. 😉

But I love the concept of giving graduates adventures: (I define the term broadly.)

  • Kayaking lessons.
  • A ski pass.
  • Guitar teacher for a month
  • An Outward Bound experience.
  • Membership to a museum
  • A day trip to someplace unique.
  • Tennis or sailing lessons
  • A hike in the mountains
  • A long trip: Washington D.C. comes to mind.  Yosemite.
  • Two tickets to an unusual event.
  • Or a bigger adventure than these.

Forget the Cross pen, Ipad or money.  An unforgettable adventure can be relived for a lifetime.

Now that’s a gift.

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