Gingerdead men and other strange stuff {very strange stuff}

May 3, 2013

Have you ever encountered things that are simply…strange? Ok, here’s one:

Ummm “cute, but strange.” Cuts too close to home for me. Don’t think I could bite in, could you?

 It’s a coffee table.  (I know, I know. I had the same thought.)

And then, I saw these in a TJMaxx/Home Goods store.

Seriously, now. Do you think this was what Keith Haring had in mind when he created his works? Do you even know what these are?

Keith Haring cleaning supplies in TJMaxx

Oh, Keith is just turning in his grave. He must be.

Casabella is a NYC-based cleaning supply company.  These and other cleaning supplies launched in 2011 as part of a partnership with the Keith Haring Foundation.

Who in his estate signed off on this? And why? I can’t imagine under what circumstances Keith would see this as a desirable use of his work.

Thank God he’s dead.

Talk about scaring kids. This would put them off gingerbread for sure.  I wonder if they sell.

And then this:

Novelties. Who thinks of them? Some guy having a beer one day thought, “why don’t I make a talking mustache?

And even better, why not make it a functional key ring?”  Now that’s entrepreneurship!

This is not so much strange as it is a cute novelty idea perfect for La Jolla, where I saw it. Bardot ice cream bars in San Diego are hand made,

rich, creamy and very upscale. Cute, no?

I didn’t taste but loved the design.

It’s a strange world full of damn strange stuff, isn’t it?

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen?

2 comments on “Gingerdead men and other strange stuff {very strange stuff}
  1. I think the Gingerdead men are for teenagers and young adults. Gruesome is “in” right now. But that coffee toilet? I canNOT imagine the demographic for that thing.

  2. Joan Stommen says:

    I love this….I see wacky things all the time ….can’t even figure what they are. Even in Target… their $1 Bins….”what is this????” What a neat idea you had…..taking the pics and writing your hilarious comments!

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