Give a relationship what it needs to grow

March 16, 2012

She kept a box of letters &
dried flowers & some old
chocolate in a dark place &
watered it until it started to
rot & then she put on her
best dress & some bright
lipstick & took it around
to everybody she knew &
said see, I told you so.

If we value something, we must tend it,
Give it appropriate nourishment.
If we don’t, it shouldn’t come as a big shock
when it fails to thrive.
Or even shrivels up and dies.

I took my first marriage to M. for granted.
Young and tasting freedom for the first time,
I didn’t take the time to nurture the relationship.
In fact, I had no idea how to tend to it.

Men I’ve loved have also failed
to effectively tend our relationship.
Oh, they did a few things, here and there.
But mostly, they sat back,
admired its beauty and thought that
love was enough.

Nope. Not enough.

Each relationship has its own set of specific needs,
the things it needs to bloom.
When nurturing relationships, one size does not fit all.

And action is necessary.
A relationship, like a flower, can’t walk off
and take care of itself. It must be
fed and watered and cared for.

In a relationship?
Give it what it needs and watch it grow and blossom.

{Storypeople always makes me think.}

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